‘Bachelor’ Star Tayshia Adams Revealed She Hasn’t ‘Been Able to Breathe’ for Days After Celebrating New Year’s

Peter Weber’s Bachelor season is officially starting, and we’re excited to see if he finds the woman of his dreams. But Bachelor fans are still reeling over some of the events that went down during Bachelor in Paradise.

While Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are one of the few couples to still be together post-Paradise, everyone thought John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams were going to make it work, too. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways — but we’re still loving Adams’ Instagram posts with or without Jones’ involvement.

Now, Adams got real with her Instagram followers regarding a sickness she experienced after New Year’s. Here’s what she said.

Tayshia Adams got a ton of attention after ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Tayshia Adams, Demi Burnett, Dylan Barbour, Kristina Schulman at 'Dancing With the Stars'
Tayshia Adams, Demi Burnett, Dylan Barbour, Kristina Schulman at ‘Dancing With the Stars’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Bachelor fans likely remember when Adams first arrived looking for love on Colton Underwood’s season. She made it to the final three women before being totally blindsided when Underwood decided to chase after Cassie Randolph. Adams didn’t let it get the best of her, though. She was willing to search for love again on reality TV, though this time, it was on Bachelor in Paradise.

Adams got plenty of attention in Paradise, though it was John Paul Jones from Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season who swept her off her feet. While she dumped him at the end of the season, she chased after him again prior to the Paradise reunion. And they appeared to be falling madly in love, as Jones even agreed to move to California, putting him in the same state as Adams.

Sadly, Jones and Adams called it quits toward the end of 2019. But Adams is still benefiting from all the attention the relationship gave her, as she’s attained quite the Instagram following.

She now appears to be making a living from being an Instagram influencer

While many of our favorites from the Bachelor shows go on reality TV to look for love, others have managed to make their small-screen appearances into big money. Adams, among many others, chose to go the Instagram influencer route after attaining fame from the shows.

Those who follow Adams on Instagram will notice that she’ll promote products she loves with her new partnerships, and many of her photos appear to be from modeling shoots. She also shares her partnered products in her Instagram Stories. And she’s likely making big money from doing so.

As for how much influencers make, it varies, but it’s been estimated that each Instagram post can earn them $5,000 to $15,000. Instagram influencers with millions of followers are likely earning around $1 million annually.

Adams shared her scary illness after New Year’s celebrations

Tayshia Adams' Instagram Story
Tayshia Adams’ Instagram Story about her 2020 sickness | Tayshia Adams via Instagram Story

So, what makes a successful influencer? Influencers need to be personable and able to relate to their followers, so sharing personal stories and content that isn’t sponsored can help with this. And Adams did just that on Jan. 5. Adams took to her Instagram Story not to post about content, but instead to tell her followers about her scary illness she came down with after New Year’s.

“I have been dying these past couple of day,” Adams told her followers while walking around her home. “Apparently I rang in 2020 a little too hard in Miami. I actually had to go to Urgent Care and I had to get chest X-rays done because I thought I could possibly have pneumonia because I haven’t been able to breathe and I’ve been kind of struggling a little bit.”

Despite the scary illness, Adams reminded her followers she’s doing better now. “We’re on the up and up, I have antibiotics,” she told her Instagram Story. “I have everything I need now. Before, I didn’t take anything. Now I am, so I’m good.”

We’re glad Adams is feeling better! We’re sure she’ll go back to her regularly scheduled Instagram influencer content once the medicine kicks in.

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