‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Kelley Flanagan? Peter Weber Thinks Meeting This Contestant Could Be Destiny

Looks like Hannah Brown isn’t the only woman who has already made an impression on Peter Weber prior to The Bachelor premiere. The new season of the ABC reality series airs on Monday, Jan. 6. And per usual, fans are digging into every detail about the contestants, including Kelley Flanagan, who has Weber thinking their meeting is destiny — or at least according to Chris Harrison.

Who is Kelley Flanagan from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

Kelley Flanagan from 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Kelley Flanagan from ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Maarten de Boer

Flanagan is a 27-year-old tax attorney and consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. And her Bachelor profile on ABC’s website could explain why Weber is so smitten. The bio explains Flanagan is a “modern woman who doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She has incredibly high standards and is looking for a man to push her forward instead of holding her back.”

Meanwhile, it’s clear the contestant really enjoys to travel, revealing Flanagan has been to 26 countries. “Her most recent relationship was an international long-distance affair where she was traveling to Jordan once or twice a month, but finally got to the point where she couldn’t see herself moving to the Middle East,” the profile reads.

It continues: “Now that Kelley is single, she is focused on her career as an attorney. Kelley comes from generations of lawyers and currently works in her dad’s law firm. It’s going to take a lot more than a handsome face and solid resume though to impress Kelley because this lawyer won’t settle for anything less than she deserves. No objections here!”

Chris Harrison says Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan met before ‘The Bachelor’

On Dec. 16, Harrison released his commentary about all 30 women on Weber’s season of The Bachelor. And according to the host, Flanagan is one of many contestants from Texas and Illinois.

“Kelley, shockingly from Chicago, Illinois. I’m not sure we found a lot of great girls or we really just got lazy this season with our casting,” Harrison said. “I feel like we went to Texas and Illinois and we were like, ‘We’re good. We got it.'”

Harrison then brought up Flanagan’s occupation and compared her to The Bachelorette of season 10.

“She’s an attorney. And an attorney… they usually do pretty well on our show,” Harrison said. “You think back to Andi Dorfman and some of the other attorneys we’ve had. Smart, knows how to work the game. Kelley definitely plays the game, uses all the rules and actually makes up rules and finds loopholes to her advantage.”

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The host also shared how Flanagan met Weber before The Bachelor.

“So Kelley met Peter prior to the taping of the show,” Harrison said. “This is completely random, but they met at a hotel. They were both at for separate parties. She knew Peter and Peter obviously didn’t know her. She went up to him and they met and they both think this could be destiny.”

He continued: “So keep an eye on Kelley. Very interesting story and it kinda becomes a thing night one when everyone starts to find out obviously that they met.”

Meanwhile, Flanagan announced her Bachelor run on Instagram, where the attorney hinted a “smooth takeoff,” but “bumpy landings.”

“Well…I took a leap of faith and went for it,” Flanagan wrote. “Prepare for some smooth take-offs and bumpy landings! Tune in January 6th on @abcnetwork to watch @bachelorabc and watch my journey!”

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