‘The Bachelor’: Why Cassie Randolph Always Feels Guilty

The Bachelor wasn’t Cassie Randolph’s first introduction to reality TV, but it was certainly what catapulted her into reality TV stardom.

Cassie Randolph | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images
Cassie Randolph | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

She won Colton Underwood’s heart, but only after first trying to break up with him and leave the show. Eventually, he won her over and, today, the couple seems to be happy together. Because Randolph and Underwood had such a rocky beginning, their post-Bachelor press tour was perhaps more stressful than most.

In a recent interview Randolph did with Thrive Global, she spoke about how she’s been handling stress as of late.

Cassie Randolph opens up about feeling like she’s letting a lot of people down

Since Randolph’s been in the public eye, she feels as though she’s let a lot of people down.

“I always feel like I have failed when I let someone down. Lately, I feel like it’s just become harder and harder to not let someone down. Time always seems to be moving fast and I can’t seem to get enough of it. I always feel guilty for some reason or another — a major downfall of being a people pleaser,” she said.

But Randolph is trying to go easier on herself these days.

“I’ve learned — and am still learning — to have a little grace for myself. We all go through life having completely different experiences, and we can’t always make everyone around us happy, as much as we wish we could. Be yourself, be loving to those around you, be kind, be humble, and work hard. Leave the rest out of your hands and trust that it will work out how it is supposed to,” she said.

Randolph continued: “I always remember past times I have been super stressed about something, and see that I made it through. I remind myself that everything always seems bigger in the moment. No one is perfect, just do the best you can and let go of the rest. You can’t be too hard on yourself, because you know you did the best you knew to do at the time.

Cassie Randolph has needed to prioritize self-care since ‘The Bachelor’

Randolph also spoke about how much her life has changed since The Bachelor and how she’s tried to adjust.

“Earlier this year, I was traveling a ton right in the middle of an insane semester of graduate school — in addition to moving. I was also going through a bunch of life changes brought on by The Bachelor— there was so much going on that I had no time for myself. I’d be doing schoolwork on airplanes, between jobs on lunch breaks, and in cars. I was constantly on phone calls or dealing with some new media storm that I had to address,” she shared.

In the midst of all the post-Bachelor craziness, Randolph didn’t have time for her loved ones or, really, herself. Now, she knows she has to make a point to make time for what’s important.

“Having time to decompress, reflect, and include self-care — whether that is alone time to read, exercise, get a facial, or spend time with my friends and family — is what I found that I need to keep myself sane,” she said.

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