‘Bachelorette’ Fans Have Absolutely No Sympathy for Jed Wyatt on Instagram

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette is winding down, and it’s been a really wild ride for Miss Alabama. From the drama with Luke P. to falling for multiple amazing men, we’re not sure who Brown will choose in the end, but we know her season is one of the most exciting yet. And to add even more drama to her current situation, there’s contestant Jed Wyatt.

Wyatt and Brown had an immediate connection from the start, as he wooed her early on with his soulful voice and guitar talent. Unfortunately, he’s found himself in hot water after his ex-girlfriend spoke to the media. And now, fans aren’t giving him any sympathy.

Jed Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend said Wyatt only went on the show to further his music career

Brown stated multiple times on the show that she was falling hard and fast for Wyatt, and the contestant seemed just as into the relationship, too. Unfortunately, some truths were unearthed by ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens. Stevens spoke to Us Weekly and alleged that Wyatt only went on The Bachelorette in order to advance his music career. Not only that, but Stevens added that Wyatt said he’d return right back to Stevens once filming for the show was over.

“I know the premise of the show. Even though that’s not an ideal situation for our current relationship, when you’re not in it, it seems like a movie. It seems like it’s just a TV show,” Stevens said. “You don’t necessarily think about the fact that hearts are going to get involved, there are going to be feelings involved.” Stevens added that once Wyatt returned home from filming, he didn’t call her for two weeks. Though they eventually ran into each other at the Country Music Association Festival, she added that nothing was really resolved there, either.

Bachelor and Bachelorette stars have mixed feelings on the situation

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown
Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Given how genuine Wyatt appears on The Bachelorette, fans and Bachelor alums alike were stunned by Stevens’ allegations. And many who are associated with the franchise now to be taking sides. Colton Underwood, the last star of The Bachelor and the first man to date Brown on television, even gave his opinion on the events. Underwood told Entertainment Tonight that Wyatt’s hometown date was seemed to confirm the suspicions, as “it was a little fishy. It was a little off, a little awkward.” He then added, “He shouldn’t come back from this. He should just sort of go away.”

Bachelor star Ben Higgins also weighed in on how he feels. Higgins told Entertainment Tonight that the entire scenario must look bad to Wyatt’s parents, and he also said Wyatt’s actions are ruining the reputation of the show completely. “I know there’s hundreds of people that work on this show to make this thing happen. And you have guys like Jed coming on, making it super far towards the end, and it ends up discrediting the whole story that’s happened through this whole season,” he said.

Wyatt’s followers on Instagram are ruthless

Wyatt addressed the rumors in a recent Instagram post. “Several of you have reached out with messages and questions. Please know I’m not able to answer right now, but as soon as I’m able to, I will,” he captioned his post. “Until then, I ask that you please understand how much the actions being taken towards myself, my family, the men on the show, and above all, Hannah, are affecting all of our mental and physical health.”

Unfortunately, Wyatt isn’t seeing much support on his ‘gram. “You can twist the truth all you want when you do speak on it, but you’re the one that has hurt Hannah. Let’s not forget that — above all else,” one of his followers commented. And another added, “I feel for your family, your ex & especially Hannah but YOU need to own your responsibility in putting them in this position. Millions watch this show with passion and devotion to those on it.” Yet another wrote, “Maybe you should’ve thought about the consequences before you signed up on this show to use Hannah for your own benefit.”

We’ll have to wait and see what Wyatt has to say when he finally can speak on the cheating accusations.

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