If Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown Could Have Dinner With Any Two People In The World, Here’s Who She’d Dine With

Thanks to Hannah Brown’s wild year in reality TV, she’s gotten to meet a few of her idols recently.

Last week, Brown attended the CMAs and “was on cloud nine.” She got to meet some of her heroes and “everybody was so kind.”

Hannah Brown | John Shearer/WireImage
Hannah Brown | John Shearer/WireImage

“I met people I admire who have sang songs that have gotten me through so much — through loves, through heartbreaks, through loss, sad times, everything. It was really wild when some of the artists would recognize me too. I was sitting by Kristin Chenoweth, and she is a doll. She’s the cutest little thing: so tiny and beautiful and talented and super fun. Being in the audience, I was just thinking, My life is so cool. I’ve had some tough moments, but this one was so magical for me,” Brown wrote in her week 10 DWTS diary for Bustle.

Hannah Brown’s top two heroes and preferred dining buddies

At the event, Brown got to meet one of the people she looks up to most: Garth Brooks.

“If I could have dinner with anybody in the world, it would be Ellen DeGeneres and Garth Brooks. I’ve met Ellen already, and so meeting Garth, my dreams have definitely come true this year. He took off his cowboy hat and I just told him how much I admired him and how he’s my favorite person ever. I don’t know what I even said, but he was so kind,” she wrote.

The other celebrities Hannah Brown loved meeting at the CMAs

Brown also met the musician who’s responsible for her nickname.

“I also met Eric Church, and got to tell him that my nickname Alabama Hannah comes from his song Mr. Misunderstood. My friends would make up words to it to make it about me, so it was cool to be able to tell Eric Church that that’s how I came to be,” she shared.

Brown ran into Pink again and she was flattered when the singer remembered her.

“But one of the coolest things was seeing Pink again and having her recognize me. I met Pink at the People’s Choice Awards, and I felt like I was such a weirdo then, even though people probably are so weird and gush to her all the time. I didn’t think she would remember who I was, but she was at the CMAs to perform with Chris Stapleton and walked by me in the hallway. She didn’t have to say anything to me, but she looked at me and said, “It’s nice to see you again.” I thought that was the coolest thing ever,” she wrote.

Another highlight of the night for Brown? Getting to know Halsey’s grandparents, who are apparently big fans of Dancing With The Stars.

“We took pictures together and we’re basically best friends now,” she wrote.

Unfortunately for Brown, she didn’t go to any afterparties because she had to be up at 4:00 a.m. to head back to LA and get back to dancing.

The Dancing With The Stars finale airs Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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