Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown Says This Past Year Gave Her Grey Hairs

Hannah Brown has had a wild year. She went from a Bachelor contestant to starring in The Bachelorette, to competing on Dancing With The Stars. And in the middle of all that, she dealt with a major heartbreak.

Hannah Brown | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

As Bachelorette fans aren’t soon to forget, Brown got engaged to Jed Wyatt at the end of her season only to learn that he had come on the show with a girlfriend waiting for him back home. Because she didn’t want to begin a relationship with such little trust, she ended their engagement.

Brown’s schedule is a lot busier these days, too. And not just because she spends six hours a day dancing. She’s frequently jetting off to different events, awards shows, and trips.

Why Hannah Brown felt insecure at the CMAs

Last week, Brown attended the CMAs. In her week 10 DWTS diary for Bustle, she wrote about feeling insecure about her hair.

“I got my glam done, and I’m being a little insecure about it because it’s so different than anything I normally do. My hair is so sleek in a different way, and my hair is so dark right now because I have not had time to do anything to it in about a year, so I’m basically a brunette with some greys sticking out. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more grey hairs the past year, and I don’t think I had greys before. Oh god,” she wrote.

Brown’s CMAs red carpet dress was beautiful but, apparently, not very comfortable.

“It doesn’t help that my dress is 50 pounds — I’m not just saying it’s 50 pounds, it actually is. It has little plastic tiles on it, so it’s so heavy. Pretty but heavy,” she wrote.

On top of that, Brown was dreading being on heels all evening when she’d been dancing in her heels rehearsing for DWTS all morning.

“Practice at 6 a.m. We practiced until 12 p.m. and learned all of the dance. I’m excited to do it, but I have been in heels already for a really long time for dancing and of course I’m wearing heels tonight for the CMAs, so my feet are not well, plus they swell really badly when I fly,” she wrote.

Hannah Brown’s red carpet dress was a hit

Still Brown loved her heavy, glamorous dress.

“I was a little self conscious about it, but I love my dress. It’s beautiful and I got a lot of compliments as soon as I stepped on the red carpet. I was working the red carpet, so I had to be ready by 4 p.m. and had to stand there until right before the show started. I kept having in and out interviews, so I took it upon myself to sit down on the actual carpet during my breaks,” she wrote.

Brown continued: “I really needed to preserve my feet and my dress was weighing me down. So I would just spread out my dress and sit down between the interviews that I was doing, and it all worked out. I didn’t cause too much of a scene, I don’t think. And if I did, oh well.”

We think Brown looked stunning, grey hairs and red-carpet-sitting and all. But what really shone was her big smile and sweet, infectious personality.

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