‘The Bachelorette’: Jed Wyatt Is Heading To Thailand To Teach Children In An Orphanage

Jed Wyatt has had an interesting year.

Wyatt was first introduced to America as just another contestant vying for Hannah Brown’s heart on her season of The Bachelorette. He then became the contestant who’d come on for his music career, his guitar always in hand. Then, the contestant who’d come on the show with a girlfriend waiting for him back home. And, eventually, the winner of Brown’s season.

Jed Wyatt | Jackson Lee/Star Max/GC Images
Jed Wyatt | Jackson Lee/Star Max/GC Images

Shortly after finding out that Wyatt had come on her season with a girlfriend, Brown ended her engagement to the Nashville musician. Almost immediately, he began to receive hateful messages both privately and publically online. It was a difficult time for both Brown and Wyatt.

Jed Wyatt is working on being better

Wyatt apologized to Brown and Bachelor Nation on “After The Final Rose.” Around that same time, he appeared on LAnded Late Night to be interviewed by his friend, the show’s host, Haley Ringo, where he said he was concentrating on being ” an all-around better person.”

“I learned so much from this. From the mistake, from the journey, the whole–I learned so much. I want to apply it to my life. Like I said on the podcast, I do want to focus on my spiritual and mental health. I want to be surrounded with my friends, do fun things, fish a lot, sing, the things that make me who I am. I want to do all of that,” he said.

He even said that he hopes other young men will learn from his mistake.

“To other guys out there who– they’re just out having a good time, they’re young and they’re having fun, I would want them to kind of see and understand that you never know when you’re gonna meet your person. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be ten years from now, but the person that you are leading into that means everything. I want to help other guys see that,” he said.  

Jed Wyatt’s upcoming trip to Thailand to work at an orphanage

It looks like Wyatt is sticking to his promise of bettering himself and finding happiness again. He recently posted to Instagram about a trip he has coming up to Thailand where he’ll be “teaching, loving, and spending time with kids in an orphanage.”

“Simply overwhelmed with joy…really If I had a tail I’d be wagging it.. I’ve always wanted to be a part of making a change somewhere else in the world. To serve others in a way that gives them a chance at a better life.. well that dream is coming true summer 2020. Thanks to @liftourplanet , next July I get to travel to Thailand where I’ll be teaching, loving, and spending time with kids in an orphanage who have either been orphaned or abandoned,” he wrote.

Wyatt continued: “Not only that, but also get to adventure some of Thailand AND AN elephant sanctuary (for those who don’t know that’s my favorite animal so I’m going to geek out.) ..And I know you’re thinking “that’s awesome! I wish I could do that!” Well, good news. You can come WITH ME! Just head over to the link in my bio and book July 2020 to Thailand. Oh yeah, @rgarrettp is coming too. 
Let’s go”

Here’s hoping he comes back refreshed and anew.

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