‘The Bachelorette’: After Tyler Cameron Deleted Hannah Brown Pics From His Instagram, Dylan Barbour Unfollowed Her

Is a feud brewing between former bachelorette Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s boys?

Hannah Brown | Presley Ann/Getty Images for Lancôme x Vogue
Hannah Brown | Presley Ann/Getty Images for Lancôme x Vogue

Earlier this week, Cameron scrubbed his Instagram clean of any trace of Brown.

Sources say Tyler Cameron ‘meant no harm’ in deleting all of his Instagram pics of Hannah Brown

According to a Hollywood Life source, Cameron “meant no harm by removing Hannah‘s photos from his Instagram and didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

“Tyler has no hard feelings towards Hannah whatsoever, he thinks she’s a really sweet girl with a huge heart, but their relationship is in the past and he just wants to move forward from it,” said the source.

They continued: “Seeing their photos together was just a constant reminder of the past and Tyler wants to open a fresh chapter in 2020. It was nothing personal against Hannah at all, he‘s just ready for a new start in all aspects of his life.”

A second source told the publication that Cameron deleted all of his Brown pics because “he finally feels like it’s time to move on. He’s ready.”

“He’s been meeting a ton of new people and friends and focusing his energy into that. Tyler is really busy filming a new show and is making a new life for himself post Hannah and The Bachelorette franchise,” the second source told the publication. “Tyler’s new show will be something totally different. It will have nothing to do with dating and really takes Tyler back to his roots. He’s excited for the future.”

Dylan Barbour unfollowed Hannah Brown on Instagram

Around the same time Cameron deleted all of his Brown photos, former Bachelorette contestant Dylan Barbour unfollowed Brown on Instagram.

Cameron, Barbour, and current bachelor Peter Weber have been spending some time together recently. Maybe they’ve spoken about their current feelings concerning the former bachelorette. Maybe some new drama’s surfaced–perhaps having something to do with Brown’s appearance on Weber’s Bachelor season.

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“I just find it weird that he unfollowed her the day Tyler removed her pictures. It makes me think something happened,” posted one Reddit user.

“I wanna know what Peter told Tyler and Dylan,” wrote another.

“These guys are so petty. But I agree, something definitely happened that triggered this,” another weighed in.

A few other fans pointed out that Barbour’s finacé, Hannah Godwin, is good friends with Brown, so unfollowing the former bachelorette seems like an awkward move.

“Hannah G and Hannah B are close friends, it’s immature af to unfollow her, esp bc he’s now put Hannah G in an awkward situation. Dylan siding with Jed over Hannah B is why I will never like him, and I’m not even a Hannah B fan. It’s one thing to have a friend who’s made sh*tty decisions (I think we all have one friend like that lol) but it’s another to defend their actions. Hope Hannah B unfollows him,” wrote another Reddit user.

Since the finale, Barbour has made it clear that he’s #TeamJed. But why unfollow Brown now? Some of Bachelor Nation certainly thinks Barbour’s Instagram activity indicates something went down.

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