‘The Bachelorette’: Tyler Cameron Told His Instagram Following That He’s Looking For Love

Tyler Cameron was a fan favorite on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. When the reality star broke off her engagement with her season winner Jed Wyatt, Bachelor Nation was hopeful that she and Cameron, her runner-up, would get together. But shortly after the season finale, Cameron began to pursue supermodel Gigi Hadid. The two spent a good amount of time together until recently, when Cameron hinted that he’s a single man.

Tyler Cameron | Emma McIntyre/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Tyler Cameron | Emma McIntyre/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Thanks to his Bachelorette beginnings, Cameron’s fans will probably always be especially curious about his romantic relationships.

Tyler Cameron is looking for love

Recently, Cameron hosted a fan Q&A on his Instagram and one fan asked him if he’s currently “looking for love.”

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“Of course,” he responded. “Can’t wait to have that person you tell the good news to first. For now it’s mama and Harley [his dog].”

The rest of Tyler Cameron’s Instagram Q&A

Another fan asked Cameron if it’s “hard having all [his] choices judged by the media.”

“It can be challenging but you have to make yourself happy first and foremost. You have to sleep with your decisions. No one else. I am doing my best to make my family proud, my friends proud, and everyone of y’all that support me proud. This life is uncharted waters for me and my family but with my values and beliefs, I know I’ll be alright,” he wrote.

“Best thing to come out of being on the bachelorette?” asked another fan.

“Being able to share special moments with the ones that mean the most to me. Got to take my brother to Paris. Show mom and pops the city and so much more,” responded the model.

Another Instagram user wanted to know what Cameron’s favorite physical feature about himself is.

“My long a*s toe. Can pick up anything with that finger looking thing. Can also pinch very hard with it,” he responded.

Another fan wanted to know about Cameron’s food touring company, ABC Food Tours.

“What is one of your favorite memories about abc food tours!?” they asked.

“So it was towards the end of our tour. We just got done doing the cha cha slide in the park and me and one of the students are eating some pizza together watching skateboarders in the park,” responded Cameron. “We were going back and forth in conversation and all of a sudden he looked up at me and said this is the best day he’s ever had. When he said that, my heart sunk. Just didn’t realize the impact we were having. It completely moved me. Forever grateful for that moment with that student.”

Cameron also told his following that he’s “going to be spending some time in LA.” But wouldn’t spill the beans as to why. When a fan asked he responded: “Got a great job walking dogs!”

So he may be stepping away from his ABC FT duties for the time being. In the meantime, We’ll have to keep an eye out for Cameron’s mysterious project in Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

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