Former ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Tyler Cameron’s Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Start Running

Before Tyler Cameron competed on The Bachelorette, he wasn’t a huge long-distance runner, despite his recent running two marathons in just a few weeks apart from each other.

Tyler Cameron and a fan | Gotham/GC Images
Tyler Cameron and a fan | Gotham/GC Images

Tyler Cameron is new to long-distance running

Cameron has an athletic background in football, so running long distances had never been a priority.

“So prior to this, I was always running sprints. Football was all about sprinting and lifting heavy weights and getting as strong as you can be. So I always focus on that. So when I came to running marathons, I had a hard time with running two miles,” he said in an interview with People just before the Chicago marathon last weekend.

“But just being consistent and persistent with what I was doing, I was able to grow and grow and grow, and it’s amazing if you just stay consistent with something that you’re doing, how much you can improve just repeating it and just staying dedicated to what you’re doing,” he continued.

Tyler Cameron’s advice for new runners

If Cameron can go from not being able to run two miles to running two marathons back-to-back, he thinks you probably can, too.

Here’s his advice to anyone who wants to get into running:

“Running is something that you can’t get discouraged at early. I mean, I had a hard time running two miles, one mile, you know, and it was hard. It hurt. But as long as you keep doing it, and you stay persistent and keep it up, you will cover so much ground, you can get so much better, and it really becomes something that you see your improvements, and it becomes so much fun. So just the hardest part is just getting started and showing up. And if you can do that, you beat most of the battle,” he said.

And, when in doubt, Cameron says running with a community helps. When he started organizing group runs in New York when The Bachelorette was airing, Cameron noticed how the friendships being formed in the groups helped to keep people accountable and having fun while they ran.

“The community that we built was incredible,” he said of the group runs he and his friend Matt James started putting together a few months ago. “So many friendships developed from that. I mean, everyone had something in common there, which was they’re all fans of the show. And so, you get a bunch of girls, 90 girls together, they can talk Bachelor all day. So friendships were naturally created through that, and it was just tons of fun. You hear a lot of inspiring stories.”

Cameron continued: “There was one girl came out in jeans, and not even running shoes but like normal shoes, and she came out and ran a mile and a half with us and she’s never ran a mile before because she was a smoker. And it was just like all these incredible stories and people talked to me about running with their dad, so it was really awesome.”

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