Barbara Evans Is ‘Sick’ to Her ‘Stomach’ About Jenelle Evans Winning Back Custody

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines since she was very young. First stepping into the spotlight as one of the moms in 16 and Pregnant, Evans went on to star in the spinoff series Teen Mom 2. She ultimately gave birth to two more children.

Jenelle Evans looking happy
Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Evans’ life has been full of drama from the start, and her turbulent relationships with the fathers of her children have given the cameras fuel for the fire. Still, possibly the most difficult relationship in Evans’ life has been the one with her mother, Barbara Evans.

Why is Jenelle Evans famous?

In 2009, 16 and Pregnant premiered on MTV. The show focused on the lives of young women who found themselves pregnant while still in high school, and their struggles to raise their children while dealing with often-difficult significant others as well as parents who weren’t always supportive. While the show had many detractors, thousands of viewers tuned in during the course of the show’s run to watch the young mothers try to go about their lives.

One of the original moms of 16 and Pregnant, Jenelle Evans first became known to viewers while she was pregnant with her eldest son, Jace. Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis, had an on and off relationship with Evans. Shortly after Jace’s birth, the pair split for good. Evans went on to star on Teen Mom 2, which premiered in 2011. Sadly, her life has been chock-full of controversy, and the last couple of months have seen Evans lose even more credibility with her fans. 

How did Jenelle Evans lose custody of her kids?

Evans went on to have a second son, Kaiser, with her now ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith in 2017. Following her split with Griffith, she started dating David Eason. The two got married and welcomed a daughter named Ensley. All of this was chronicled on Teen Mom 2, but in early 2019, things reached a boiling point when Eason’s already-dangerous temper hit a new high.

Eason revealed that he had shot and killed the family dog in front of all the kids when it had nipped at baby Ensley. MTV’s reaction was immediate, and the network fired both Eason and Evans, removing them from the filming schedule entirely.

Firing Evans from Teen Mom 2 wasn’t the only fallout to the David Eason drama. Evans lost custody of her kids, with CPS deeming the situation unfit for children. Barbara Evans, Jenelle Evans’ mother, took custody of two of the kids, while Nathan Griffith, Evans’ ex, took custody of middle child Kaiser. While fans assumed that might be the end of the saga for some time, Evans campaigned relentlessly to get her children back, and as it turned out, she didn’t have long to wait.

How does Barbara Evans feel about Jenelle Evans getting custody again?

In early July, Jenelle Evans regained custody of her children when a judge dismissed the case against her and David Eason. Reportedly, Evans picked up her young daughter, Ensley, from her mother only hours after the verdict was announced. 

Needless to say, Barbara Evans is none too thrilled with the judge’s ruling. In an interview, Evans claimed that she feels “sick to her stomach” over the verdict and that her daughter and Eason regaining custody of the children is an injustice. She also stated that Eason is “crazed” and that she intends to fight to ensure that her grandchildren are safe. She might not be the only one – reportedly, CPS might appeal the judge’s decision in the coming weeks.