Barbara Kavovit from ‘RHONY’ Reveals How She Really Feels About Ramona Singer

Barbara Kavovit has to yet to earn her tag line on The Real Housewives of New York City but has still become a major player this season. This is not sitting well with Ramona Singer and the “Singer Stinger” is out in full force.

Many of Singer’s comments about Kavovit dig into her clothing and appearance. She’s dropped several remarks about Kavovit’s fashion throughout the season, which Kavovit appears to be taking in stride.

Barbara Kavovit |Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

But after taking it on the chin for a while, Kavovit shares how she feels about Singer, especially about how she feels about Singer’s fashion sense.

Singer has made several negative comments about Kavovit

Singer has made a bevy of mean comments during the season about Kavovit’s appearance as she tries to break into the friend circle. Only last week Singer tried to stir the pot and tweeted, “Barbara does not fit in … why do you think?!?” Singer’s comment was met with mixed reviews as some fans welcomed the new addition, whereas others weren’t appreciating her presence on the show.

When Kavovit appeared on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen played a compellation of Singer’s derogatory comments about Kavovit, which seemed to focus on her appearance. “Barbara is kind of rough around the edges,” Singer says in a clip. She disses her outfit later exclaiming, “Who does she think she is?”

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When Kavovit tried to “make it nice” with Singer the two agreed to start fresh. But when Kavovit went in for the hug Singer backed away.

How Did Kavovit Respond to Singer’s comments?

After the clip, Cohen pointed out that Singer refused to hug Kavovit. But Kavovit replied that she’s a pretty tough person, considering she runs a large construction company in New York City. “You know, she says a lot but she doesn’t contribute anything,” she said, lowering the boom.

Later on the What What Happens Live After Show, a caller asked what Kavovit thought of Singer’s style. Which was a great question considering many of the jabs Singer threw Kavovit’s way centered on how she dressed.

Kavovit threw down. “I don’t like how she dresses in particular,” she said. “There’s just a lot of…you know she really flipped my Barbie bitch switch this season. And I don’t like the way she dresses, but again, I would never demean a woman by telling them how to dress. Everyone has their own individual style and everybody just needs to embrace and support each other. Which she doesn’t.”

The feud started before the season aired

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Singer acted annoyed that Kavovit was referred to as a new Real Housewife. “She’s not a housewife. She’s just a friend, so she’s not a new housewife,” she said, AOL recounts. “So I don’t even know what she is. I don’t want to talk about it. They’re not giving her an apple. They’re not giving her an apple or anything.”

Kavovit responded to Singer’s comment in a statement given to AOL. “Not surprised at Ramona’s response considering she’s nasty and condescending to most,” Kavovit said. “She’s someone who doesn’t support other women, even though she brags she does, so this is very on-brand for her.”

“Who would say something like this on camera or off?  Not a good look!” she continued. “One thing I learned from growing up in the Bronx and being a boss lady in construction, I demolish at the job site but I don’t tear other people down!”

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