Barbie Ferreira Has ‘No Idea’ About ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 & She Likes It That Way

Fans are eagerly awaiting Euphoria Season 2, but even their excitement pales in comparison to that of the cast. Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat on the hit show, is no exception to the fervor. Fortunately, for the cast and fans alike, HBO recently announced that the compelling drama will be returning to the small screen in 2020. Though an exact date has yet to be released, the show was featured in recent promotion as a series that was coming back to HBO in the new year.

Barbie Ferreira star of Euphoria season 2
Barbie Ferreira | Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

But, just what can fans expect from the sophomore season of the show? Up until this point, there has been a lot of speculation and fan theories, but no real evidence. However, fans aren’t the only ones being kept in the dark about Euphoria Season 2. Zendaya (who plays the lead role of Rue) has previously shared that she stalks the show’s creator (Sam Levinson) at every turn, trying to pry information out of him. Ferreira, on the other hand, admits that she doesn’t know anything about the upcoming season, but seems to like it that way.

Barbie Ferreira has ‘no clue’ what Euphoria Season 2 is about

“I have literally no idea what’s coming up. I trust Sam Levinson’s mind thoroughly. I can’t wait to be surprised and shocked about what Kat does,” the actress gushed about Euphoria Season 2 in an interview with Elle. Ferreira then went on to share what she liked about the first season and how she was hoping her character’s story changes. “Season 1 was about getting confident with your body and exploring her trauma and being bullied for her weight, and I know that in the next season there’s going to be more complexities to that. We needed that because it was Kat’s backstory, but everyone has different problems other than their bodies, so I’m very excited to explore that,” the 23-year-old shared.

Another thing Ferreira is excited to continue exploring in Euphoria Season 2 is Kat’s unique sense of style. Though she admits that in some ways her personal style differs from that of her character, she confesses that Kat’s wardrobe takes a lot of inspiration from hers. “I think Kat wears a lot more latex than I do. But a lot of the clothes were mine. It’s such a collaborative show and I think that’s why it was so iconic,” the model recounted.

How Ferreira contributed to Kat’s Euphoria outfits

Ferreira loves the collaborative spirit of the show and confessed that she has much more influence on Kat’s wardrobe that fans may think. “The actors are close to the age of our characters and know what teenagers wear. Heidi Bivens does all the costumes for Euphoria and is an incredible person. She was so collaborative; I wear my glasses, I have my shirts in there, I’m wearing some of my pants, I’m wearing some of my shoes. My friends who are designers came in and did some custom stuff for Kat. It was a collaboration and a conversation,” the actress shared.

Certainly, Ferreira’s personal style coupled with her vision for her character has been a hit amongst many people. Diehard Euphoria fans were so taken with the outfits, that they imitated some of them during Halloween season. “Halloween was a crazy time. Hundreds and hundreds of people tagging me in stuff. I’ve never felt that way or experienced something like that. I live in my own little world and sometimes you get a little peek of what’s outside and you’re like, ‘Oh man, okay.’ My mom and my auntie went as me for Halloween!” Ferreira confessed. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Kat and her uniquely special wardrobe in Euphoria season 2.