Barron Hilton’s Wedding: The Special Way Paris Celebrated and Everything Else You Need to Know

Paris Hilton’s little brother, Barron Hilton II, has officially tied the knot. Surrounded by friends and family, Barron wed his longtime girlfriend, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, on Sunday, June 3, 2018.

From a stunning location to the famous names in attendance (page 5), we’ll admit to being pretty jealous to have been left off the guest list. Here are the details you need to know about their wedding day, including the special way Paris helped celebrate (page 6).

1. Who’s the bride?

Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff
Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff | Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff via Instagram

Barron’s bride, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, is a fellow socialite — so she clearly fits in with the Hilton family already. According to E! News, the 24-year-old graduated from Bard College with a dual degree in Written Arts and French. “Her interests range from the poetic voice to industrial techno,” they reported.

The two got engaged in September 2017, and we can’t stop obsessing over von Walderdorff’s Instagram announcement. She shared the photo above, writing, Better than a fairytale … engaged to my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life. Forever and for always.”

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2. A beautiful bridal shower

Paris Hilton, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, and Kathy Hilton
Paris Hilton, Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, and Kathy Hilton | Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff via Instagram

One month before the big day, Barron’s mom and big sister, Kathy and Paris Hilton, threw von Walderdorff her bridal shower. From the photo the bride-to-be shared above, it looked to be a beautiful event. She captioned the photo, “Thank you @kathyhilton & @parishilton for the beautiful bridal shower.”

“From the details and the colors to the kindest speeches and most lovely people, you all brought a love and warmth to my heart that I will forever cherish,” she added. “Love you so much.”

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3. A beachy wedding in St. Barts

Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff in St. Barts
Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff in St. Barts | Nicky (Hilton) Rothschild via Instagram

Can you imagine a more gorgeous location for a beachy wedding that St. Barts? Barron and von Walderdorff chose the French-speaking island for their nuptials, and it looked truly picture-perfect.

The photo above was snapped while spending time at the beach leading up to their wedding day. According to E! News, they tied the knot in a church, but had a “fun-filled and colorful reception on the beach.”

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4. Sister Nicky posted some gorgeous photos to Instagram

Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff get married
Barron Hilton and Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff get married | Nicky (Hilton) Rothschild via Instagram

Barron and Paris’ sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, attended the wedding with husband James Rothschild and daughter Lily Grace. She couldn’t contain her excitement, as she shared numerous snaps of the wedding to Instagram.

She posted the gorgeous photo above, along with the caption, “It’s official!” The image shows off von Walderdorff’s stunning Watters gown, which features delicate yet dramatic details.

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5. Notable guests

Hilton family wedding
Hilton family wedding | Paris Hilton via Instagram

You may recognize some of the guests who were in attendance at the Hilton wedding. They included Paris’ fiancé Chris Zylka, sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild, aunt Kim Richards, and parents Kathy and Richard Hilton.

Aunt Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however, was not in attendance. According to E! News, “[Kyle] has a new show American Woman, which is loosely based on her childhood, that debuts next week and stayed stateside for press.”

Kyle’s daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, did make it to the island affair. According to the Daily Mail, she managed to steal the show in her low-cut tropical dress and “racy Instagram photos.”

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6. Paris served as the DJ

Paris Hilton DJing
Paris Hilton DJing | Ursula Nesbitt via Instagram

Paris helped celebrate her brother’s wedding in a special way: by DJing the night away. The socialite has found success in her career as a DJ, so she kindly lent her services for the evening.

According to W Magazine, “After giving a speech congratulating the newlyweds, it seems that Paris spun turntables for the family and friends of the bride and groom all night long during the reception.”

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7. Paris is planning her own wedding

Paris Hilton shows off her engagement ring
Paris Hilton shows off her engagement ring | Paris Hilton via Instagram

Paris was even so kind as to push her own wedding planning back to celebrate her brother’s special day. She’s set to wed Chris Zylka in the fall of 2018, and according to Brides magazine, she’s pretty much got it all figured out.

It will reportedly include “multiple dresses, multiple worldwide venues, and of course, her dogs.” We can’t wait to see the photos from her fairytale wedding, as it’s sure to be a day that can only be defined as extra.

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