‘Barry & Joe,’ Animated Series About Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Barry & Joe, an animated series about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, has just been funded on Kickstarter.

Pitched as an “adult animated sci-fi sitcom,” the show will follow Barack Obama and Joe Biden who, shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump, travel back into the minds of their younger selves. Guided by scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, they hope to find a way to change history.

“And so they find themselves leaping throughout their own lifetime,” the Kickstarter page reads. “Looking for the best in people… Striving to right injustice wherever they find it. Forever hoping that their next jump in time will take them to a future that’s not scary and f*cked up.”

The Kickstarter is not intended to fund a full season but rather to fund a mini-episode “pilot,” which would be used as proof of concept in order to pitch the series. It was not made clear how long the pilot will be, but it sounds like it will not be a full 22 minutes. The goal was set at $100,000, and that goal was reached within hours of the deadline on August 31.

The creator of the project, Adam Reid, says that he hopes that Neil deGrasse Tyson will voice himself in the show and help it to be educational.

“Neil will provide insight from the future on how they may have altered the course of history with their actions,” the page says. “Subjects like race, sexism and equality will be addressed with historical perspective, sensitivity and grace despite the absurdity of the episodic television-flavored plot. ”

Reid also notes that his ideal casting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden would be Jordan Peele and Chris Pratt respectively.

With the project goal reached, the mini-pilot episode can now go into production. Reid says that his goal is to have it completed by December of this year, though it’s not currently clear where the final product will be made available.