Barry Smith of ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ Shares Update on His New Fitness Clothing Line

Barry Smith has big plans. The Southern Charm New Orleans star is preparing to launch his new fitness clothing line, First Team Athletic Apparel. It’s a natural next move for the personal trainer and gym owner who is focused on taking his various businesses to the next level. 

A different kind of athletic apparel 

“It’s something I’ve been working on for a while with a very good friend of mine,” Smith told Showbiz Cheat Sheet of his new line of workout clothes, which is set to launch later in July. 

Smith and his partner initially dreamed up the line back in 1996, as they explain on their company website, but couldn’t get things off the ground. They revived the business in 2010 and are now just a few short weeks away from getting their items in the hands of customers. Soon, people will soon be able to purchase First Team Athletic Apparel direct from the company. 

These aren’t just your basic leggings and tees. Smith has hooked up with Ghost Tactical, which makes antimicrobial, anti-stink combat clothing. The partner gave Smith and his business partner the rights to use his unique fabric treatments for their line of sportswear. And for anyone who has ever wrinkled their nose in disgust at a smelly gym shirt, these items promise to be a game-changer. 

“It really works,” Smith said. “I have a shirt I’m looking at right now on the back of my door at my gym. I maybe wore it 40 times doing cardio and it doesn’t smell.”

Smith is a born entrepreneur 

Barry Smith
Barry Smith | Tyler Kaufman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

First Team Athletic Apparel isn’t the only project Smith has in the works. The owner of Fuel Center of Fitness also plans to start franchising the fitness classes he offers at his gym.

“I have classes that I designed. You can only get them at my gym. So it makes us a workout destination, not just a destination to work out,” he said. Right now, you have to head to Louisiana to try one of Smith’s custom workouts. But soon, other fitness pros will be able to offer his classes to their clients, similar to chains like Orangetheory. “We’re going to teach people how to teach our classes,” he explained. 

Running multiple businesses might sound like a lot to take on, but it makes perfect sense for Smith, who calls himself “the entrepreneur of the show.”

“I don’t have a problem with authority, but I don’t like to be told what to do,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I was always the guy who was the dreamer, always thinking about what can I invent, what business can I open to be my own boss.”

A more seasoned cast for Season 2 of ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’

As for the Bravo show that has put Smith and his wife Tamica Lee in the public eye in a big way, viewers can expect Season 2 of Southern Charm New Orleans to be even better than Season 1. 

“In Season 1 we were trying to find our way,” Smith said. “We were all new to the reality TV thing and having our lives on display for America. We were rookies.”

“This season, we’re more seasoned,” he went on to say. “We knew what we were doing and the stories we were trying to get across.”   

But even in Season 1 when they were still finding their footing as reality TV stars, Smith and the rest of the cast were determined to be open and honest about sharing their lives with viewers. Fans followed along as Lee and Smith discussed their sex life (or lack thereof), and as Smith dealt with the blowback from using a homophobic slur during a heated argument — an incident that Smith now calls a “life lesson.” Capturing those moments on camera is all part of making Southern Charm New Orleans something people want to watch. 

“I knew going into it that you have to be transparent to have a good show,” he said. “You have to be vulnerable.” 

Southern Charm New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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