‘Basketball Wives’ Season 8 Premiere: Who’s Back?

Basketball Wives premiered on VH1 last night with more familiar faces than you may have expected. Last season, friendships and family bonds were left in tatters due to messy rumors, friction, and hurt feelings. Newbies CeCe, Kristen, and O.G. joined the clan in season 7 but learned the hard way that it’s not easy to get in where you think you can fit in, leaving people wondering if they would stick around.

Who can forget Jen’s falling out with Shaunie and Evelyn? If you need a recap, check out IMDb’s synopsis. It affected the entire group so it’s reasonable to think she’d want to lay low with these ladies. But does she? Take a look at who came back for the first episode and who you can expect to see going forward.

Shaunie O'Neal.
Shaunie O’Neal. | Getty Images/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Shaunie O’Neal

Shaunie is back but as was seen in VH1’s sneak peek, her main focus was on her son Shareef, who received an unexpected diagnosis for a major heart condition. An understandably emotional Shaunie was shown going through each step of preparing for and handling his surgery with the entire family in tow. Weeks later, she hosts a celebratory event and some uninvited guests show up.

Evelyn Lozada

Show veteran Evelyn is still not feeling Jen and wants an apology for what was said about her daughter, Shaniece. She hasn’t spoken to Jen or Tami since the Amsterdam trip and that leaves the door open this season for some icy cold encounters. However, she’s totally down to see a shaman.

Tami Roman

Tami returned with some big news, sharing that she’s now married! She and Reggie Youngblood eloped after she finally said yes to the man. But one point of contention is her wedding ring. She chose not to wear it because she didn’t want the other ladies in her business, especially if she wasn’t sure who’s genuine.

“Rather than go through all those emotions and figure out who’s real and who’s not, I’ll just keep the sh-t to myself.”

Tami’s not only about her love life this season, but her business too. A new talk show will be keeping her busy and she even got input from none other than Snoop.

Malaysia Pargo

Malyasia is back on the show and in L.A., but only because she has business there. She’s moved her sons to Atlanta and plans to be bi-coastal for work. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be caught up in drama, because she’s on a peacemaking mission for CeCe, Kristen, and her cousin, Byron.

Jackie Christie

The show wouldn’t be the same without Jackie and her wild sex stories about Doug. This time, she’s feeling sad because her son is off to college. What will she do with an empty nest?

Kristen Scott

Back for more this year, Kristen was seen chatting up Jen and perhaps setting up future confrontations. She also got wind of some she-said gossip concerning whether or not she’s invited to the wedding between CeCe and her father-in-law, Byron. Looks like the beef is seasoned well and still going with CeCe. But at the party, she also told Shaunie about the things Jen said, thus starting another fire.

CeCe Gutierrez

Newly engaged to Byron Scott but not on speaking terms with Kristen, Cece is anxious about the fact that her fiancé does not want Kristen involved in their wedding plans. How will this conflict play out with Malaysia and the rest of the girls? We’re not sure since she’s blocked Kristen on her phone.

Jennifer Williams

Viewers did not have to wait to check her status. Jen is back with attitude, lots to say, and is already stirring things up by popping up at Shaunie’s event. It did not go well. Shaunie and the rest of her crew rolled out of there less than 60 seconds after eyeing Jen. What we do know is that Jen is supposed to be a guest star this season, so expect more ugly run-ins and run-outs like this.

Ogum (O.G.) Chijindu

As CeCe’s plus one for Shaunie’s event, O.G. was all ears when CeCe spilled her “secret” about Kristen not being invited to the wedding. Then, when Jen showed up to Shaunie’s soiree uninvited, O.G. had no problem leaving the party. Is she picking a side or staying drama-free?

Stand by for fifteen more episodes ofBasketball Wives Season 8, which will air each Wednesday night at 8 pm EST. In addition to these returning cast members, someone new will be trying to find her way with these women. Feby Torres, the ex-girlfriend of NBA Lakers player Lance Stephenson, will be joining this crew, but will she have to fight or defend herself too? Watch and see.