‘Basketball Wives’ Season 8, Episode 13 Recap

Basketball Wives viewers, this week’s episode had everyone experiencing a bit of time travel (you too), because the ladies kept revisiting old hurts, old feuds, and old discussions that you thought would stay in the past. Not so. Between last week and this week, you should have an idea of what’s in store for the reunion even if it is weeks away. Let’s recap episode 13.

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams of ‘Basketball Wives’ | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Shaunie’s growing her businesses but shrinking her friend circle

Shaunie takes Malaysia, Evelyn, and Kristen on a road trip to visit her dispensary farm. During the ride, they’re talking about the Sip & Shop photo that Ev and Malaysia took with Jen, and jokingly photoshop her out of the picture. Malaysia posts it on social media. What will Jen think when she watches this episode?

Shaunie’s cannabis grow operation is up and running, and it’s a good thing it’s at an undisclosed location for those unscrupulous BBW watchers out there. The plan is to fill it with 17,000 plants.

Shaunie starts talking about her next venture: a boutique hotel in Costa Rica. She wants to check out the opportunity and turn it into a girls’ trip, but who should be invited?

Jackie? It’s an emphatic no for Malaysia but a go for everyone else. OG? She’d be a buffer for Jackie. CeCe? Yes. Feby? Yes. With the exception of Kristen who stays mum, it’s a unanimous no on Jen coming. Ev feels weird about the red carpet photo and Shaunie says she forgives but doesn’t forget.

CeCe and Byron go on a date and she tells him she’s afraid to get a biopsy because she’s worried about the results. Byron reassures her it’s sickness and health. This is her theme throughout the episode.

OG’s party has a guest shortage

OG is organizing her football retirement gala at the venue and explains that everyone is invited except Feby and Evelyn. Jen shows up, doesn’t see anyone at first, but then sees Jackie. The two talk about the Diddy-cropped photo that Malaysia posted on social media; Jen is confused about the move.

They stop chatting when OG makes her grand entrance in a lovely dress, but they’re wondering where everyone is. OG was excited about sharing her culture, and there’s Nigerian food, music, and dance. But she is clearly hurt about the turnout.

OG tells Jen and Jackie that Shaunie, Tami, CeCe told her they couldn’t make it, but she’s disappointed the others didn’t come. Jackie is in disbelief that the other girls were no-shows.

Their chat is interrupted by Kwame, who wants a word with OG. For a minute, he has us thinking he’s about to propose in front of all these people. Instead, he says now that she’s retired, they should start house hunting.

More lines of division are drawn

Evelyn catches up with Feby and they’re talking about OG pressing Jackie about her and Ev not being real friends. Feby brings up some social media post where OG called Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn’s ex, her homie. That prompts Evelyn to call OG not only Toe-G, but a groupie.

Tami and OG get together and she tells Tami she’s surprised Malaysia and Kristen didn’t come to her event. Though Evelyn wasn’t invited, she’s upset that she didn’t acknowledge the event (we guess?).

Tami advises her not to change herself to fit in with the group. In her confessional, Tami reiterates that she’s focused on herself, family, and her career, and not the ladies.

It’s a wrap for just about everyone

We see Jackie has Jason Lee on her show, The Jackie Christie Podcast. Once he pops out the room, Shaunie pops in for a quick one-on-one catch-up session. Jackie tells her about the turnout at OG’s event. Shaunie shares that she thinks OG hasn’t been able to bond because she changes her energies between nice and threatening. She believes it puts people off.

Shaunie wants OG to come on the trip so maybe they can experience her softer side. But again, she’s not inviting Jen because she’s uncomfortable going on a long trip with her.

While Tami is shooting a video for her alter ego, Tatiana Trill, the clip is edited with her talking about moving on. She can’t do that around the girls. It’s official; Tami is quitting the show! “It’s been nine years, it’s been a good run,” she says. A montage of her moments on the show plays as she speaks, and then it’s exit stage left.

In the end scene, the ladies meet up to sip wine, but then Jackie spills to Jen that Shaunie is excluding her from the trip to Costa Rica. In front of everyone. Jen looks visibly hurt, and wonders if making up and hanging out with everyone was all a game.

Then Evelyn and Shaunie roll up. Jackie admits to Shaunie that she told Jen she’s not invited on the trip, and Shaunie and wants to know why she thought it was her place to even bring it up. Then Malaysia walks in.

It’s become a large group discussion, where Ev talks about the photo op issue, and says she’s still upset with Jen about Shaniece. Malaysia then chimes in and says she’s mad they took the picture and thinks it makes it seem like they’re friends with Jen when they’re not.

Jen says she and Evelyn have been hanging out and were cool. What happened? Then the old stuff from last season comes up about what Shaunie said Jen said about Ev’s daughter. Shaunie gets mad because she feels Jen is calling her a liar. They’re back in the Amsterdam drama.

Jen leaves, saying the girls can fall off a cliff or burn in a volcano on the trip. She’s done.

OG then brings up that she’s mad no one came to her retirement thing and about the toe jokes. It turns into an argument with Evelyn, and while everyone else thinks the back and forth is silly, OG doesn’t want to let it go.

She mocks Evelyn and tells her she’s angry about people talking about her daughter, but makes the comparison that Ev is talking about her mother’s daughter, meaning herself. Wait until next week to see who winds up in Costa Rica.