‘Basketball Wives’ Season 8, Episode 15: CeCe Finally Goes OFF

It could be said that the past 14 episodes have been building up to this, but CeCe finally unleashed her fury upon the ladies and even they had to admit it was impressive. She’d finally had it, and Basketball Wives viewers the world over were gasping and cheering her on the entire time. Let’s get to it.

'Basketball Wives' cast members Cece, Jackie, and OG
‘Basketball Wives’: CeCe Gutierrez, Jackie Christie and Ogom ‘OG’ | Getty Images/Robin L Marshall

Dinner continues to be a disaster in Costa Rica

Everything picked up from where things left off last week with everyone arguing at the table and CeCe calling Evelyn a b. She stood by it and ran it down, counting things off on her fingers saying that Ev is evil and needs to mind her own business when it comes to her and Kristen.

“I’m sick and tired of being everybody’s doormat, Mr. Nice Guy. I’ve had it with Evelyn butting her nose into my business and I’m just sick and tired of everybody’s bull****.”

Well alright then! Even when she stood up for a second and Ev bucked up, yelled, and stood up to challenge her, CeCe told her to sit down and reiterated that she’s a b. Woo!

Then OG turned the conversation on herself and asked who thinks she’s aggressive. When everyone but Jackie and CeCe raised their hands, she defended herself by pointing out that they’ve all thrown drinks or thrown tables. She stated her threatening to kill people is a reaction to them pushing her buttons. CeCe jumped in to defend her.

Everything was quiet, and then it wasn’t

It looked like things were settling down, butKristen asked CeCe if she said OG looked like a man, and then a shouting match ensued between the two. But CeCe let it be known that Kristen once called Shaunie a b. Kristen looked uncomfortable as she tried to explain it away and apologized “if” she said it. Then they engaged in a shushing match.

Evelyn tried to threaten CeCe one last time and they went at each other over their faces and CeCe shut that fight down too. To get once last jab in, Ev went after Byron, making everyone uncomfortable.

Feby and Jackie then went at it about Jackie’s age and daughter, and Jackie didn’t sit in silence this time, throwing crackhead insults back at her. Finally, everyone left the restaurant (still talking trash) with dozens of workers and patrons staring in shock. But overall, we’re proud of CeCe for speaking up.

The collective admits defeat, but people want a rematch

The next day, Jackie, CeCe, and OG “reflect” and revel in their glory, while the rest of the ladies admit they took a verbal beatdown. They saw CeCe in a different light. Shaunie called and invited them over for a pool party later in the day, and it seems everyone was down for another round of trouble.

Fast forward to the pool gathering where things did not go well. As soon as Jackie, OG, and CeCe pulled up in their golf cart, Kristen asks CeCe if they can talk. They had to shoo the other women away from them after being crowded by Ev, Feby, OG, Malaysia. Evelyn wanted a piece of CeCe but that was put on pause.

Chaotic fights start again

Kristen started to talk about the problems with CeCe and tied it to something said about Thomas, but CeCe dismissed her and walked off. That set Evelyn off, who proceeded to chase down an unsuspecting CeCe from behind.

The other ladies tried to intervene, but fate was NOT on Ev’s side anyway, because she fell into the bushes. Or, as CeCe put it, Tumbelina.

OG blocked any further confrontation and the others complained that she was acting like a bodyguard. While Kristen attempted to have another conversation with CeCe, verbal chaos erupted with OG, Malaysia, and Evelyn. OG wants to break jaws and necks.

OG said Ev’s ex, Chad, was trying to get with her, which prompted Ev to rebuttal with a speech about her family, credit, and sexual prowess—which she demonstrated by popping her pelvis like she was in a 2 Live Crew video. No one was ready for that, including the viewers.

Meanwhile, Kristen tried to blame CeCe for the rift between Byron and Thomas, when in earlier episodes she said she wanted to apologize to Byron about her comments.

She started to cry and told CeCe that if she hadn’t talked about Thomas, there wouldn’t be a problem, and CeCe was the reason Byron doesn’t want anything to do with them. No one is buying that.

Jackie, stuck in the middle, stays behind when CeCe and OG ride off on the golf cart, but Jackie doesn’t like the division. CeCe is over it on the show and in real life. The drama continues next week.