Battle of the 40-Minute YouTube Videos: Who Did It Better? Tati Westbrook or James Charles

The battle of the YouTube beauty gurus continues. While Tati Westbrook fired the first shots, it looks like James Charles is desperately trying to end the feud. A 40-minute video of his own has been somewhat helpful in that regard. While the 19-year-old New York native lost over 2 million subscribers following Tati’s video-based attack, he’s quietly regaining subscribers every second. So, whose 40-minute video was better?

Tati Westbrook’s original video made international news

Westbrook sat down for a chat with her subscribers last Friday. In the 43-minute long video, she lambasted Charles for everything from acting fake, to trying to hit on men, making them feel uncomfortable in the process.

While Westbrook’s video was mostly well received, there was some backlash. Several people pointed out that the 37-year-old took to YouTube to try to ruin Charles’ career over a personal gripe. The entire situation apparently kicked off when Charles promoted Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins, a direct competitor of Westbrook’s own Halo Hair Care products.

Several fans also pointed out that the beauty veteran was essentially bullying a teenager. James is just 19 years old and began his YouTube career when he was still in high school. Since then he developed a mentor-mentee relationship with Westbrook and her husband, James. Charles also admitted that he long considered Tati a mother figure, making fans further question why Tati would so publicly humiliate someone she allegedly nurtured.

A 43-minute rebuttal is helping James Charles

When Charles’ apology didn’t seem to do anything to improve his image, he went right back to the drawing board. What he came up with was a rebuttal in which he alleges Tati is mostly lying, or, at the very least, she is taking things out of context to make Charles look worse than he is.

Charles also went into detail about the Sugar Bear Hair Care issue, suggesting Tati’s retelling of events was far from the truth. Charles provided screenshots to prove that he did try to reach out to both Tati and her husband before posting about Sugar Bear Hair Care to Instagram.  He also admitted that while he is far from perfect, he’s still young and is currently in the process of making mistakes.

While Tati Westbrook seemingly started the drama with that Charles, He seems to be fixated on Jeffree Star, a fellow beauty guru who jumped into the mix. In his video, Charles alleges that Star went out of his way to involve himself in the drama, and even reached out the threaten him.

Tati has pulled away from YouTube for the time being

Westbrook has long held herself to a grueling filming schedule. Nearly daily, the beauty vlogger shared her life with her subscribers, but it looks like she’ll be pulling away, at least for a while. She took to YouTube to upload a video entitled “Why I Did It” before informing fans she’d be taking some time away. 

In her video, Westbrook defended her actions but also asked fans to take a step back, just like she plans to. She went on to tell fans that she had no idea the video would gain so much traction and alleges she thought her career would be damaged by the video, but the opposite happened. Westbrook also claims she had attempted to have the same conversation privately with Charles, but he wouldn’t listen.

Charles and Westbrook are planning to meet with a third-party mediator at some point to clear the air. Both Westbrook and Charles have confirmed that the meeting is likely to happen, but fans don’t know precisely when.