‘Batwoman’: Could Lucius Fox Show Up On the CW Series?

Batwoman only just showed up in Gotham City and on The CW and already Batfans are looking for other Batman characters to appear. We don’t expect Bruce Wayne to show up after a three year absence, but there are other Gothamites who might not be quite as distracting to Batwoman. One of those DC characters could be Lucius Fox.

Camrus Johnson in Batwoman
Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox in Batwoman | Robert Falconer/The CW

Lucius Fox first appeared in the Batman comics in 1979. Morgan Freeman played Lucius Fox in the three Batman movies that Christopher Nolan directed. On Batwoman, Camrus Johnson plays Luke Fox, Lucius’s son, so we asked him if daddy might ever show up on the CW series. Batwoman airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

‘Batwoman’ definitely hasn’t ruled out Lucius Fox

Luke Fox inherited all the Batgadgets and resources of Wayne Industries. He’s Kate Kane (Ruby Rose)’s go-to guy for now, but the show has definitely acknowledged the Lucius Fox is still alive.

“I don’t know if he’s in the show quite yet but he exists,” Johnson said. “The idea of him exists because he is Lucius Fox’s son. We do bring him up quite often.”

For now, Batwoman has to settle for Lucius Fox, Jr.

Luke Fox definitely takes after his father, but he’s not only Lucius Fox, Jr.

“He’s the Lucius Fox and Alfred put together because Kate only has me,” Johnson said. “The way it is right now, she needs someone to help her and since Batman has been gone for years, I run Wayne Tower and I run the Batcave and there’s no one else but me. So I am the tech guy but I’m also the assistant in a weird way. I don’t like to say assistant because Luke Fox doesn’t like being called an assistant. He likes being called an associate, coworker, cohero if you will, co captain maybe. Yeah, right now I’m sort of a mixture between the two.”

Luke Fox is no comic relief either. He takes Wayne Industries very seriously.

Camrus Johnson and Ruby Rose in Batwoman
Camrus Johnson and Ruby Rose in Batwoman | Kimberley French/The CW

“I think Mary Hamilton, Nicole Kang’s character, is more the comic relief because she’s a media influencer and she’s very fun and talks pretty fast,” Johnson said. “So I think she’s the most comedic relief on the show but I think Luke is second to that because since he’s the tech guy, there’s a lot of comedic elements there.”

Johnson understands if you laugh at Luke though.

“Him kind of freaking out and being very neurotic and not wanting her to touch any of Bruce’s stuff, that’s comedy within itself,” Johnson said. “Luke Fox is the kind of guy that’s funny when he doesn’t know he’s being funny because he’s so smart and he’s so nervous all the time. I think the closer he gets to Kate Kane and the closer their banter becomes lovely and I guess more brother/sister, that’s where more of the comedy comes out.”

Luke Fox has more wonderful toys for Batwoman

Kate Kane got the hang of Batman’s batarangs and grappling hooks pretty quickly. Camrus Johnson teased more Batgadgets on the way for Batwoman.

Batwoman in The Batcave
Ruby Rose and Camrus Johnson in Batwoman | Kimberley French/The CW

“The new ones on our show I can’t talk about quite yet,” Johnson said. “The ones that we’ve seen are the batarang of course and the grappling hook. We might even introduce a cooler version of the grappling hook in a few episodes. I won’t say anything more than that but a lot of your classic Batman stuff.”

Luke Fox had a history with Bruce Wayne too

Whether Lucius Fox shows up or not, Luke had a history with Bruce Wayne too. He was involved when his father was still building gadgets for Batman.

“I think his background with both Bruce and Lucius Fox is a lot of Luke’s backstory and that’s a lot of his arc for the first season,” Johnson said. “And figuring out what happened there, what is going on there is going to tell the audience more about who he is.”