‘BB21’ Star Jessica Milagros Shared an Exclusive Photo From the Jury House With a Strong Body Positive Message

Model Jessica Milagros entered the Big Brother 21 house wanting to shatter all misconceptions about “bigger” women. However, she did a lot more than just that. Also a Latina woman, she educated other Houseguests about her culture, including the difference between Hispanics and Latinos.

Additionally, Milagros was very open about body positivity and women empowerment in the house. Even though Big Brother fans trolled her online claiming she never knew what was going on, the plus-sized model says “acting clueless” was part of her strategy, and she did understand what was happening in the house, thanks to Nicole Anthony.

Jessica Milagros
Jessica Milagros | Monty Brinton

Outside of the BB house, Milagros has continued spreading her message of self-love and the importance of confidence to her almost 93,000 Instagram following.

Jessica Milagros’ time in the ‘Big Brother 21’ house

In the first twist of the Big Brother 21 summer, which happened on the first day they entered, the Houseguests had to select someone as Camp Director. Milagros immediately wanted the job and campaigned hard for it, winning several votes but narrowly losing to eventual winner Jackson Michie.

As a result, Michie chose her as one of four Houseguests to banish, but Milagros found her way back into the house. Although she was extremely close to Kathryn Dunn, the plus-size model seemingly had no alliances, until Isabella Wang approached her with the idea of creating an all-girls alliance, The Black Widows.

Unfortunately, Wang turned it around on Milagros, causing her to be public enemy number one. However, the house realized Wang was playing both sides of the house and voted her out first.

Two weeks later, on Week 6, Milagros won Head of Household and joined Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg, and Dunn to form Cliff’s Angels. She nominated the biggest threats in the house, Michie and Jack Matthews, for eviction, and then won the Power of Veto, ensuring her nominations would stay the same.

Matthews became the first member of The Jury, and Milagros continued to play a low profile game until she became the first casualty of the double eviction in Week 10.

Jessica Milagros shares photo with a body-positive message on Instagram

For #MondayMemories, Milagros shared a picture with her, Analyse Talavera, and Dunn wearing bathing suits, posing in front of the Jury House with a killer view of the California hills behind them.

She captioned the gorgeous photo, “From not seeing the light of day (sometimes up to 5 days straight) in the BB house, to appreciating the most beautiful sunsets in the #BB21 jury house. I’m blessed to have experienced both. Oh, and side note: I’m so thankful that there are people in this world that believed bigger women should also be represented on this show! Know that I am unapologetically confident in a bikini no matter who I’m standing next to. I believe all bodies are different and there’s no shame to that. We all deserve to feel good and not shamed in the bodies we are in. On that note… don’t we all look [fire emoji]?” Milagros then ended her message with the hashtags, BodyPositive, BodyPositivity, and WomenEmpowerment.

Fellow Houseguests and Jury Members Christie Murphy, Talavera, and Kirkwood all commented on her photo. She replied to several people on her picture who asked her advice about how to be confident.