Be Prepared for BTS to Crash Another App Because BTS Now Has a TikTok Account

BTS recently created a TikTok account
Jin, JungKook, RM and Jimin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

The members of BTS are globally famous and the group is known for shutting down social media. Jungkook has caused Weverse to crash multiple times and on his birthday Twitter stopped loading too. Social media users should prepare themselves, because BTS now has a TikTok account.

BTS posted about the TikTok account on Sept. 25

BTS has two Twitter accounts. One is run by the seven members and the other is the official Twitter run by Big Hit Entertainment. BTS announced their new TikTok account on the Twitter run by Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS posted two videos on their new TikTok account. Within hours, the videos had millions of views. The account also had 1 million followers.

“The new @BTS_twt TikTok channel has now reached 1 million followers and 1.9 million likes. Their two posts have already received 6.4 and 13.9 million views, respectively,” wrote a Twitter user.

In the first video BTS uploaded, the group introduced their new account. In the second video, the members posed while their song “Boy With Luv” played.

While some people might be shocked at BTS creating a TikTok account, the group used to create Dubsmash videos frequently at the beginning of their careers.

“how are people mad at bts using tiktok acting like they didn’t dubsmash their way through the first 3 yrs of their career,” a fan tweeted.

BTS fans proceeded to download TikTok

After BTS announced their new TikTok channel, ARMY collectively decided to download the app solely for BTS content. They also joked about how BTS would soon take over the app the way they take over everything else.

“white tiktok boys gonna be jobless one bts post their individual tiktok vids,” wrote a Twitter user.

One fan tweeted, “where’s my fellow army who’s gonna download tiktok app for bts channel only?”

Other BTS fans pointed out what kind of great content BTS could post on their new TikTok account. Most notably, BTS could post videos of V’s dog, Yeontan. If any BTS video is going to break TikTok, it’s a video of Yeontan.

“yeontan on tiktok….,” a fan tweeted.

ARMY thinks it was Jungkook’s idea to get a TikTok account

After the creation of BTS’s TikTok account, a large number of BTS fans joked it was Jungkook’s idea to make the account. The youngest member of BTS used to be known for his Dubsmash videos.

Most recently, Jungkook posted a Triller video on Twitter of him dancing to Billie Eilish’s song, “Bad Guy.” The video received over 2 million likes on Twitter.

“I bet jungkook is the one who suggested to open their tiktok channel because-,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“dubsmash jungkook walked so tiktok jungkook could run,” another wrote.

“now the serious question is, did the company decide to make a tiktok account or did jungkook keep requesting for an account so he can make videos at 3am and post them whenever so he can become the tiktoker that he always wanted to be,” wrote a fan on Twitter.