Before ‘Batwoman,’ Ruby Rose Auditioned To Play This Marvel Character

Actress Ruby Rose is now, unequivocally, Batwoman. But even though we’re now used to seeing her as the other Gotham City masked vigilante, she was once up for a role in a very different comic book universe. Here’s the Marvel character she wanted to play, and why it didn’t work out.

Ruby Rose stars in ‘Batwoman’

The actress portrays Kate Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne, in the new CW series, Batwoman. Kate has got the abilities, and now, she’s stepping into her cousin’s place after he left Gotham City years before.

The cast is filled out with Kate’s sister, the villain; her ex-girlfriend, who works security, and her father, who runs the private agency that’s working to protect the city. The series joins the other DC Universe TV shows like The Flash and Supergirl, and Rose’s character was first introduced in a 2018 crossover episode.

You may know her from these other roles

Rose hails from Australia, where she got her start as a TV host. She made her mark in the U.S. first with her recurring role in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, in which she played inmate Stella Carlin.

From there, Rose broke out in film, most notably, a series of action flicks. You may have seen her in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter 2, or The Meg. She also appeared in a small role in Pitch Perfect 3.

Rose auditioned for this superhero film

Rose spoke about her first really bad audition in a recent BuzzFeed interview. It was after she’s begun to establish herself as an actor, and she says it was a job that she “really” wanted to get. So what was the gig?

“It was for Deadpool 2. It was for Domino and my whole body was just shaking,” said Rose. “I don’t know what happened. But I literally walked out of there and was like, ‘I quit.'” She continued. “And then I had to hang out with Ryan Reynolds and I really wonder if he saw that tape. I really hope he didn’t see that tape.”

The part went to Zazie Beetz instead

Domino is a character from the comics, who has a very unique superpower: luck. In the Marvel comics, Domino is typically a white character with a dark tattoo around one eye (thus the name). However, for the film, Deadpool 2, they reversed this: Domino is Black and has lighter pigmentation in the same area.

Zazie Beetz portrayed the character in the movie. You may recognize the actress from her roles in TV series such as Atlanta and Easy. After Deadpool 2, she moved over to the greater DC film universe, starring in the recent film Joker.

Rose is friends with this celebrity

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Rose has made, we would assume, quite a few good pals since coming to Hollywood. (She’s known to be close with Taylor Swift.) But her first friend here in the states, according to the interview with BuzzFeed, was another celebrity from down under.

“Sia! Who’s — ironically, she’s Australian. But she was the only person I knew when I got to Hollywood,” said Rose. “I love her. I saw her a couple months ago. She’s the best. I love you, Sia.” In fact, Sia took care of Rose’s dog, which she had named Sia, and still has the dog to this day.