Before ‘Love Is Blind,’ Giannina Gibelli Had Just Gotten out of a Long-Term Relationship

Giannina Gibelli got engaged to Damian Powers on the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. They had one of the more up-and-down relationships. In the end, they opted to not get married. (Well, Damian did. Giannina was down.) But, as they revealed during the reunion episode, today, they’re happily together and taking their relationship at a pace that works for them.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers | Rachel Luna/Getty Images
Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Before Giannina went on Love Is Blind she had just about given up hope on love.

“I was actually at a bar with a couple of my girlfriends and I was telling them how there was just no men for me in this city. And at that moment, my phone blinked and it was this DM saying, ‘Hi, I’m casting for this experience.’ I’d never gotten a casting call. I’d always gotten little collaborations. Picked up the phone, gave her a call, she told me: ‘So you can fall in love with someone without seeing them and if you do you get engaged and there’s a wedding,’” the reality star said on the “Love In Sight” podcast.

Giannina told the casting person that her timing “couldn’t have been more perfect because I’d just given up all hope.”

Giannina Gibelli’s relationship before Damian Powers

Before that, the reality star had been in a relationship for five and a half years. She met him when she was a freshman in college.

“It was long-distance. I met him randomly on spring break with a group of girlfriends. She was like, ‘Hey, come to Daytona’–I was a freshman at the University of Central Florida–’Come to Daytona, you’re gonna love the group of friends that I have.’ So I randomly went and the first person that I saw was my then-boyfriend of five and a half years. That’s when we clicked,” she said.

Their relationship was long-distance for three and a half years with her then-boyfriend in Atlanta and Giannina in Florida.

“He’s pretty much the reason why I moved to Atlanta. So we were long-distance for three and a half years, then for two of those years, we were together,” she said.

As for why they broke up, Giannina says they just “grew apart.”

“We were so young when we met. But that was another cosmic, random thing that happened to me. I fell in love unexpectedly,” she said.

‘I think everything happens for a reason’–Giannina Gibelli

Giannina believes in “cosmic, random thing[s].” That’s why she went on Love Is Blind.

“I think everything happens for a reason,” she said. “For me, it’s always like you have your own path and whatever comes to you you have to just embrace it.”

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