Behind-the-Scenes ‘Avengers’ Photo Shows What Accidentally Walking Onto a Marvel Set Looks Like

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga neared its end, public fascination about what would happen next grew to a fevered pitch.

During the filming of Avengers: Infinity War, the producers went to great lengths to keep the upcoming plot twists a secret.

So that made it even more special to a fan when they literally stumbled onto the set. 

An unusual level of secrecy

The cast of 'Avengers: Endgame'
The cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

It’s fair to say that the ending of Infinity War shocked fans. But to get the full impact of that stunning moment the details of the plot had to be carefully guarded. The MCU fan base is famous for how closely they pay attention to the details in the movies, so a normal level of secrecy wasn’t going to be good enough. 

Screen Rant reports that to keep the public from figuring out what was going to happen, the producers went to extreme lengths, such as assembling trailers for Infinity War that were intentionally misleading. They gave the actors incomplete or even fake scripts, and everyone who was involved in the production was required to sign agreements to keep what they saw a secret. 

In this atmosphere of tight security, filming for Infinity War ranged all over the globe. 

‘Avengers: Endgame’ behind the scenes: Far-flung filming locations

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Infinity War was a huge story, and so it required a huge set. According to The Location Guide, the cast filmed on location in areas as far apart as New York, Georgia, and Scotland. Producers also used plate shots, video footage that is inserted as background in certain scenes, that were filmed in Iceland, Brazil, and the Philippines.

They chose Scotland for some of the filming because they wanted a gothic, dramatic look for certain scenes. Filming in New York makes sense, because so many important scenes take place there. They used Atlanta to shoot some of the New York scenes because there is so much more room to work in Atlanta.

The state of Georgia also offers tax incentives to movie companies, to encourage them to film in the state. 

For one fan, the decision to film in Atlanta led to a very lucky moment. They managed to wander onto the set of a very closely-guarded film.

‘I accidentally walked onto ‘Infinity War”

The fortunate fan took to Reddit to share their story of the experience. 

“I was walking in Atlanta trying to find a restaurant, passed this street and immediately got my interest piqued over the burning cars (there were also studio lights on cranes above),” they posted. “Walked in, found a crew member and chatted them up. Told them I love the film industry blah blah. He let me stay eventually and I had realized I forgot to ask what movie it was but he wasn’t paying attention to me anymore.”

This person probably would have been happy enough to see any Hollywood film being filmed right in front of them, but they were in for an even bigger surprise.

“Anyways, probably in my top 3 biggest shocks of my life was this moment where I was standing on the corner, just watching the people start to set positions, and out walked Benedict Cumberbatch in his Doctor Strange outfit & Robert in a camo outfit with dots all over him. Then Hulk and Wong came out. Incredible day.”

The other fans on Reddit were enthusiastic about the story, with at least one person suggesting they should have asked for a cameo in the film. But for this superfan, the experience of stumbling onto the set was enough.

Now they’ll just have to wait to see what happens next, and hope that maybe they can get a peek at the next movie too. 

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