Behind the Scenes of ‘Creepshow’ Season 1 Episode 2 With DJ Qualls and Jeffrey Combs

Creepshow is a horror anthology series based on the movie of the same name and led by Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead. Each episode features unique stories with a different set of actors than before. DJ Qualls and Jeffrey Combs, who appear in episode 2, had a lot to say about working on the show. Here’s the scoop from behind the scenes of Creepshow.

DJ Qualls
DJ Qualls | Jerod Harris/Getty Images for AMC

‘Creepshow’ Season 1 Episode 2 features DJ Qualls and Jeffrey Combs

The official synopsis for Creepshow Season 1 Episode 2, “Bad Wolf Down/The Finger,” reads as follows: “A platoon of American soldiers finds something more sinister than war behind enemy lines; a man with a passion for found objects finds a growing finger.” Qualls and Combs guest-starred in the episode, and in a behind-the-scenes featurette, both actors provided insights about their experiences on the set of Creepshow.

DJ Qualls explains why the show is special

Fans may recognize Qualls from films, including Road Trip and Hustle & Flow. The actor has also landed roles on many television shows, including The Man in High Castle, Z Nation, and Supernatural. Although Qualls is a seasoned performer, Creepshow gave him an opportunity to tackle new things. Here is what he said about it in the behind-the-scenes video:

They sort of called out all the big guns for this and it’s a really cool thing to be in the presence of these people. Whether or not you’re a fan of the genre, which I am, to work with people who have been at the top of their game for so long, it’s intimidating. But also, what a compliment to you that they’re like, “Come play with us.” And I really feel that here. I’ve never done most of this stuff.

I’ve never been covered in blood. I’ve never hacked anything up, like body parts. I’ve never done any of that. All firsts. This feels really special.

Creepshow: ‘Acting Scared’ | Behind the Scenes via Shudder on YouTube

Jeffrey Combs is a fan of ‘Creepshow’

Combs is a veteran actor when it comes to content that combines horror and comedy. Fans of the genre may remember him from Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, and The Frighteners, among other titles. He brought his signature flair for the art form to his role on Creepshow. In the behind-the-scenes vignette, he shared his take on the show, saying this:

I’m thrilled to be doing this. This is the first time I’ve ever played a Nazi. So, there’s always something new.

Of course, I was a fan of Creepshow. Who’s not? I love the fact that Creepshow is sort of a very dark horror-tinged, Twilight Zone kind of package. I love that idea. Short little bursts of horror with a twist.

Creepshow: ‘Acting Scared’ | Behind the Scenes via Shudder on YouTube

When does ‘Creepshow’ air?

When Shudder launched Creepshow in the fall of 2019, the series generated extraordinary buzz. Now, horror buffs who don’t have a subscription to the streaming service can watch encore episodes of Creepshow Season 1 Mondays at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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