Bella Thorne’s Boyfriend Seems Genuinely Obsessed With Her On Instagram

Whether you know her for her time on the Disney Channel or you recognize her for her outspoken nature and controversial Instagram posts, Bella Thorne’s making it known she’s here to stay. While acting is Thorne’s main schtick, she’s also making moves into directing and makeup. And she’s achieving a larger following every day — especially with the younger generations — thanks to her outspoken nature.

Thorne is quite candid about her dating life, too. Currently, she’s dating both a man and a woman. And it seems her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, is supportive of Thorne’s decisions and genuinely can’t get enough of his long-distance lover.

Bella Thorne is dating both Benjamin Mascolo and Alex Martini

Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne
Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne walk the red carpet ahead of the ‘Joker’ screening | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

While the concept of polyamory may be foreign to some, Thorne has been practicing it in her love life for quite some time. Heavy reminds us before Thorne’s current relationships, she was dating rapper Mod Sun and influencer Tana Mongeau. Now, she’s no longer seeing either of these celebs and is instead with singer Benjamin Mascolo and set production assistant Alex Martini.

Thorne’s been dating Mascolo, who makes up half of the Italian band Benji & Fede, for months now. According to People, the two were first spotted together back in April 2019 after Thorne’s split from Mod Sun. And she talked about how happy she is with Mascolo in October 2019.

“Things are great,” Thorne told Entertainment Tonight about her relationship with Mascolo. “Me and Ben are really happy.” She then added, “He’s on tour doing his album release right now, so it’s just a lot of work for him and a lot of work for me in separate places.”

Thorne and Mascolo live 6,000 miles away from each other

Bella Thorne and boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo
Bella Thorne and boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo | Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/picture alliance via Getty Images

Thorne and Mascolo seem to have a great bond — but that doesn’t change the fact that they live seriously far away from each other. Mascolo lives in Modena, Italy, Hollywood Life reports, which is 6,000 miles away from Thorne’s home in California. While they appear to see each other whenever possible, the distance may be one of the reasons why Thorne also chose to have a girlfriend who appears to be much closer in distance.

It looks like Mascolo is super supportive of Thorne’s relationship with Martini, too. Thorne posted a series of photos to Instagram of her lying in bed with Martini in early October with the caption, “She’s very cute. first girl I have dated that’s camera shy.” And Mascolo commented on the photo himself.

“You girls are cute,” he wrote.

Mascolo appears to be totally in love with Thorne, according to his Instagram

It seems distance may make the heart grow fonder, as Mascolo’s Instagram is full of photos and adorable captions of Thorne that indicate he’s super in love with the actress.

“A list of things I missed the most:
– You
– You
– You
– You
– Food with you
– Tv Shows with you – You,” Mascolo captioned an Instagram photo of him and Thorne together in a hot tub posted on Nov. 5. And he also added an extremely lengthy caption to another photo of Thorne he posted on Oct. 23.

“This girl (young woman, that I will always call Baby), is my sunshine on the darkest of days, the one and only person that has complete access to my heart and soul,” he captioned the post. “Your smile lights up everything around you Bella, I’m so proud of you as an artist, an actress, mogul, singer-songwriter, director, writer, entrepreneur, but especially as a human being. I love you and I Miss you.”

Thorne appears to love these posts as well. She responded to Mascolo’s post of her with, “I’m in love w u Papi” and “This is soooo sweet.” And she also posts photos of Mascolo on her Instagram — though it seems her boyfriend’s Instagram features way more of her than she features of him.

It looks like Thorne is really making this relationship work — and it’s clear Mascolo is in it for the long haul, too. We’re hoping these two continue their sweet romance for years to come!

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