‘Below Deck’ Alum Offers Advice About Money, Drinking and Relationships

As chief stew on the flagship season of Below Deck, Adrienne Gang shares that she’s seen enough in the industry to offer a little insight to future or green yachties.

Gang shared on Instagram that today marked her 15 years in yachting and offered some important lessons she’s learned. Along with a string of photos, Gang wrote, “This week marks 15 years I’ve officially been in the yachting industry. I still remember how excited I was to go to my first boat show. I was 21, just a baby. In celebration of this I’d like to give my younger yachtie self some advice.”

Adrienne Gang, David Bradberry
Adrienne Gang, David Bradberry |Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Although Gang offers industry-specific advice, future Below Deck cast members may want to consider her revelations as she addresses everything from relationships to money to drinking.

Making connections and romances

Below Deck features a number of budding romances but also strong friendship bonds. The stew trio from Below Deck Med season four showed three women who truly supported each other. Also, a few deckhand bromances resonated with viewers.

Gang advised yachties to remember that friendship bonds are vital. “The most important thing you will leave yachting with are the life long loyal friends you will make. Some will become family. Don’t take them for granted. When in a new port, keep your eyes and ears open, you never know who you’ll get to see again!”

Recently, Gang married a landlubber. But she shared that the industry is tough when it comes to romance. “Relationships- you will lose, even destroy relationships because of your career, terrible communication (BTC 🤬), and because not everyone gets it. Don’t worry, they weren’t meant to last, you won’t die alone.”

Navigating the business and money

She says every yachtie should wear sunscreen without fail. Also, while boat shows are a cornerstone of the industry, yachties don’t always have to attend unless they are working at them. “Boat Shows- a necessary evil, sometimes more evil than necessary. Fun fact, unless you are working at the show, YOU DON’T actually HAVE to go. Novel idea… DO go to the epic parties though! Always be ready for a good theme party!”

Gang also adds, “Work- Don’t ever tell anyone that you know how to varnish or make sushi.” Plus, yachties will make a windfall on charter. Gang says that crew members should resist the urge to overspend. “Money- you will make (and spend) a literal boat load of money. YOU DO NOT NEED 10 PAIRS OF RAYBANS! Save some of it! 😎”

Socializing and drinking

Below Deck features yachties getting pretty lit on the town in between charters. While Gang says yachties should have fun, they should also understand they don’t need to get hammered every time they have a day off. “Drinking- you don’t always have to drink, it may feel that way, and someone is always offering to buy a round, but you don’t have to do it. You will see LOTS of friends burn out because, too often drinking seems like such a vital part of what we do, but it’s not. 🍻” But at the same time, hit up the spot that offers free champagne.

Also, “Free time- YOU DON’T have to go out every time your crew goes out. You can hear the epic stories later. Every now and again, get some damn sleep.”

She also warned that yachties may experience unprofessional encounters. “Bad Situations- sometimes, not always, you will run into bad working situations. You NEVER have to tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind. There are more boats in the sea. Move on, warn your friends, and stay alert. Karma will get the ones who deserve it.”