‘Below Deck’: Are Viewers Loving Season 7 As Much As Season 6?

Bravo teased that Below Deck season seven was going to be a hot and steamy season. The location is hot, the crew is hot and the drama is sizzling. Staying true to its formula, the series brought back key cast members, Captain Lee Rosbach and chief stew Kate Chastain. Also returning from season six is deckhand turned bosun, Ashton Pienaar.

The rest of the cast is new and drama is already heating up every Monday night. This includes a chef at war with Chastain and Rosbach, plus a charter guest who becomes so disoriented she requires medical attention. The season, only three episodes in have all the makings of another season of high ratings.

Josiah Carter
Josiah Carter |Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Viewers have been busy tweeting and diving in deep with the new cast and storylines. But are audiences overall as invested this season as they were last season?

This season’s rankings seem to be lagging as compared to last year

The season opener began at a lower spot as compared to season six. Season six of Below Deck debuted in the number five spot of top original 50 telecasts for Tuesday, October 2, 2018, according to Showbuzz Daily. Contrary to season six, season seven of Below Deck debuted on Monday, October 7, 2019, at number 12.

Season six wobbled in rank, dropping to the tenth show for that night by episode three. But by episode four, the show took over the number two spot for Tuesday night. The show took a huge hit on election night 2018, which seated Below Deck at number 20. But it seriously rebounded the following week, leaving it in the top five top watched shows for Tuesday night. By Tuesday, December 11, Below Deck was the number one watched show, according to Showbuzz Daily. By now viewers witnessed Pienaar have a brush with death, plus the dramatic exits of bosun Chandler Brooks and third stew Caroline Bedol. This episode was also the infamous, “Chicken is for poor people” moment.

This season has only begun but seems to be starting off a little weaker. After debuting in the 12th spot, the show has yet to crack the top five for Monday night cable shows. However, the show is making important gains. “Bravo’s BELOW DECK gained 0.05 to 0.50,” according to Showbuzz Daily. Plus, it may be too early to determine if this season has the same fuel as season six.

Viewers are here for the drama

Even though Below Deck season seven may not be ranking has highly as last season, viewers don’t seem to be less invested. Twitter is a flood with tweets about every moment on the show. Plus, the October 28 episode rank has yet to be reported. Not only did it include a dramatic medical evacuation of a charter guest, but it also seems like it is war between Rosbach, Chastain, and chef Kevin Dobson.

Chastain and Rosbach were busy live-tweeting during the episode and fans were soaking up every word. “I’m so happy that you are live tweeting this episode!!! It’s like a gift from the heavens!!!” one person wrote in response to one of Chastain’s shady tweets toward Dobson.

Other fans loved seeing a softer side of Rosbach. He sat by the disoriented charter guest’s side after she had to be evacuated from a beach picnic and was awaiting medical help. “I love how you sat by Brandy’s bedside before the doc got there. It’s so great to see someone care that much… responsibly yes but compassion isn’t found in everyone.”