‘Below Deck’: Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon Trade Barbs Over Leslie Jones’ Twitter Commentary

Below Deck viewers have watched a romance blossom between deckhand Brian de Saint Pern and stew Courtney Skippon. Although she seemed to initially resist his charms, Skippon turned a corner once de Saint Pern became seriously injured, which nearly cost him his leg.

The twosome certainly didn’t profess their love, but cameras often caught them holding hands and even sleeping in each other’s bed. Skippon also seemed genuinely concerned about de Saint Pern after he was injured. Plus he made it known he was attracted to her from the beginning.

Brian de Saint Pern, Courtney Skippon
Brian de Saint Pern, Courtney Skippon | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, a recent Twitter exchange showed that there is no love lost between the deckhand and stew today. When comedian Leslie Jones hilariously recounted each scene from the latest episode, she took issue with de Saint Pern’s behavior. But when Skippon commented that she agreed with Jones’ observations, de Saint Pern called foul.

Jones wasn’t having it with the men on the boat (and neither were the women)

Jones’ Twitter feed was filled with a play by play as she ranted about the misogynistic behavior coming from the men on Valor. She took several videos of her television during the latest Below Deck episode. Jones called out de Saint Pern over getting upset about being called a yachtie.

“Ugh men can be such bitches sometimes! Don’t get mad at her cause you acting out! Kate obviously was f**king with you about yachty s**t,” Jones wrote, along with sharing the moment from her television. “Grow some balls cause to me that was a laugh off moment not a moment to call her a bitch I’m really mad at Brian.”

Several fans were also “mad at Brian” too. “Yessss girl!! I’m mad at Brian too!!” one fan replied. Skippon, who was clearly not okay with de Saint Pern calling chief stew Kate Chastain a bitch, backed Jones’ tweet. “I am late to this party – but I love you, @Lesdoggg and I love this commentary so much,” she responded.

But de Saint Pern says Skippon reacted differently at the time

In addition to her tweet, Jones’ video also includes her vocal commentary (which is funny). Jones says Skippon is not going to sit back and date someone who called another woman a bitch. Jones also couldn’t believe that de Saint Pern would assume Skippon would have taken his side too.

Skippon was clearly loving the entire commentary and tweet. She added, “When she switches from yelling to the most sympathetic ‘that’s ok, Kate,'” about the exchange. But de Saint Pern insisted that Skippon reacted differently during the actual moment on the show. “That’s funny because that’s not what you were saying on the show @courtneyskippon And you say we are the bad ones,” he reacted.

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But Skippon pushed back on de Saint Pern’s assertion. “It’s actually exactly what I was saying on the show and it’s exactly what I’m saying in this clip where we’re fighting over it. Thanks for playing though,” she cooly tweeted. But de Saint Pern wasn’t going to leave it at that. “If you say so #Hypocrite,” he responded. But Skippon just wrote, “Relax.”