‘Below Deck’: Brian de Saint Pern Goes on Apology Tour While the Rest of the Men Remain Silent

Many crew members were silent on social media after Monday night’s shocking Below Deck episode. The final scenes of the show featured an extremely drunk crew not only getting into an altercation, but the fight could have become physical.

Brian de Saint Pern, Kate Chastain
Brian de Saint Pern, Kate Chastain | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The crew divided into two vans after a night of drinking. Deckhands Rhylee Gerber and Brian de Saint Pern joined stews Simone Mashile and Courtney Skippon in one van. The other van carried chief stew Kate Chastain, bosun Ashton Pienaar, chef Kevin Dobson, and deckhand Tanner Sterback. The van with de Saint Pern and Gerber was chill and fun. The van with Chastain and Pienaar was a horror show. Pienaar became outrageously angry with Chastain when she inquired about his mother. He lunged at her in the backseat and his behavior was so violent, Dobson asked the van driver to pull over.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Chastain gathered her belongings and told producers she was going to quit after she and Pienaar got into another fight in the crew mess. Dobson, Pienaar, and Sterback did not tweet during the episode and Pienaar was dragged hard on social media. Of the men on the boat, de Saint Pern tweeted during the episode, apologizing along the way and taking it on the chin on Twitter.

He wasn’t going to participate (but he did)

Preview clips teased the now-infamous van ride and de Saint Pern shared that he received a lot of questions regarding the voyage. Prior to the episode, he tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to live-tweet since he was in South Africa. “Sorry I can’t live tweet tonight as it is 4am here in South Africa. Since alot of people are asking me about the Ashton/Kate incident, I will say this, what @AshtonPienaar does is NOT ON at all and @Kate_Chastain did not deserved to be treated like that. No women does.”

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While most fans applauded de Saint Pern for sharing, others still wouldn’t let go that he called Chastain a bitch during the previous episode. “Yet you can call Kate a bitch?” one person responded. But de Saint Pern didn’t put his altercation with Chastain in the same category as what occurred with Pienaar. “Dude come on… Not the same thing. And for the hundredth time @Kate_Chastain I am sorry for calling you the ‘B’ word,” he responded.

Another fan wondered if de Saint Pern would have called out Pienaar for his behavior. “I wonder if Brian would have told Tanner or Aston to calm down while at work. This is clearly about Gender, this is about the boys club, this is about the clear disrespect that they all have towards women. Mind you, this is in front of the camera, can you imagine behind doors??” But de Saint Pern said he has told Pienaar to relax. “If you watch the season from the begining you will see that I have told Ashton to calm down.”

He apologizes to Chastain and Skippon

Apparently de Saint Pern was in an apologetic mood Monday night as he ended up apologizing to Skippon for not realizing how miserable she was at the club. “Sorry that you had to go to that club @courtneyskippon would of taking you home if I could. Remember sitting outside the bathroom waiting for you while you were upset and thinking how to cheer you up,” he tweeted.

Later he apologized to Chastain, even though he was not in the van at the time. “Sorry @Kate_Chastain didn’t realise how intense this situation was. Now I can see why you left.” Once the vans arrived at the boat, de Saint Pern immediately went to his bunk. He was not in the crew mess during the final fight.

Although he kept apologizing, fans weren’t in the forgiving mood. Several point out he continues to support Pienaar, even after this incident. While he doesn’t condone Pienaar’s behavior in the van, he still backs the bosun. “What he did in that Van was not acceptable at all and I’ve expressed my opinion on that. I support Ashton as my Bosun because he was a really good Bosun,” he wrote.