‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Dishes About His Relationship With Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’

The Below Deck franchise features two captains with two very different management styles. Captain Lee Rosbach has been at the Below Deck helm for seven seasons. Crew members anticipate a no-nonsense approach to management where he expects the crew to just do their job and avoid getting bogged down in minutia.

Captain Sandy Yawn has led the Below Deck Mediterranean team since season 2. While Yawn is tough on her crew, she’s also hands-on, trying to find teachable moments. Fans are always curious about how the two captains interact and if they feel critical of each other’s work and management style.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson
Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson | Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The two have met up on several occasions and certainly seem to be friendly. When either captain takes heat on social media, the other captain will often provide backup commentary. When Yawn was asked about how the show hired chef Mila Kolomeitseva, Rosbach offered insight into the hiring process. During Rosbach’s appearance on the Watch What Happens Live Below Deck 100th episode celebration, he gave more insight into his relationship with Yawn.

He respects her work

A fan wanted to know if Rosbach feels like a backseat driver when he watches Below Deck Med. Rosbach says absolutely not. “No, I am not the devil’s advocate at that point,” he said during the WWHL After Show. “I have complete empathy for what she’s going through because I know what she’s going through.”

“Some of the situations that Captain Sandy gets put in, and I see how where they are totally unfair and totally just biased,” he continues. Cohen asks for clarification. “Because she’s had to endure a lot of things because she’s a female captain in a male-dominated industry. And so it’s like I don’t know what she’s gone through but I try to put myself in that situation.”

Cohen asks what Rosbach’s relationship like with Yawn. “We’re great,” he says. “We just have a great time.” Last year Rosbach celebrated his birthday with Yawn. “Capt Sandy helping me celebrate another trip around the Sun at Pumps. What a good nite it was,” Rosbach shared to Instagram in 2018. He added, “Was great to catch up with my pal, Capt Sandy. Good times.”

They often comment on each other’s seasons

Rosbach offered extra insight when Yawn dealt with criticism during her season. Fans wondered why Yawn hired Kolomeitseva. Rosbach tweeted that Yawn wasn’t the one who makes the hiring decisions. “No, @CaptSandyYawn doesn’t get to hire, she can fire and Malia [Mila] was not a plant. And no Sandy’s friends were not comped at all. No one gets comped on the charters. They have to have some skin in the game. Hope that covers it for you.”

Yawn also commented on this season of Below Deck. A fan remarked that Rosbach would likely need to have a conversation with some of the poorly behaved crew members, especially bosun Ashton Pienaar. Yawn agreed. “Yep. I would sit the bosun down and I would chat about how a leader should respond and act. At this time he is not acting like a team leader. A leader must rise to a level to see the whole picture not a personal one.”