‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Fondly Reflects on Season 3, but Still Hasn’t Warmed to One Particular Crew Member

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck must have been watching season 3 along with other Bravo fans because he tweeted some shout outs to a few crew members.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Raquel Bartlow from 'Below Deck'
Captain Lee Rosbach, Raquel Bartlow | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

A fan started the conversation on Twitter, commenting that a Below Deck marathon was on all day. The fan tagged Rosbach and he shared how he enjoyed working with a few crew. “I did that some today as well, I forgot how much I loved S3 with Connie [Arias], Eddie [Lucas], David [Bradberry] and Ben [Robinson]. That season was epic and very enjoyable.”

Season 3 was undoubtedly wild. The season included the biggest crew shifts and some intense drama, including a secret romance that inspired producers to add cameras to the laundry room. Although Rosbach named four crew members he enjoyed, there is still one person he still hasn’t warmed to, even five years later.

What about Rocky?

Third stew Raquel (Rocky) Dakota was responsible for a good amount of drama during season 3. She sided with the chef, who was ultimately fired for keeping a greasy kitchen, which was responsible for a kitchen fire. But she also got into a secret laundry room romance with Lucas.

When he suddenly cooled to the romance, she was left feeling hurt and confused. She confided in another crew member and the situation blew up in Lucas’ face. Lucas lied about being involved with Dakota, which was even more upsetting for the third stew. Finally, he came clean after the charter wrapped.

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Dakota and chief stew Kate Chastain also didn’t get along. Chastain was frustrated with Dakota’s performance and Dakota insisted that Chastain picked on her. So when someone asked about Dakota in the Twitter thread, Rosbach responded, “Uh, hard pass.”

Captain Lee wished the romantic complication with Dakota never happened

After the charter season wrapped, Rosbach and Lucas finally had a private conversation about the boatmance. Lucas had a girlfriend at home but they were fighting. So he hooked up and then lied about Dakota. Rosbach cringes when he recalls having a discussion with Lucas about the situation.

“Sometimes I wish that some moments hadn’t happened,” Rosbach told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in 2018. “I think that [moment] on the beach with Eddie always [comes to] mind. I just, you know, I wish that one had never happened. That is a very poignant [moment] when Eddie and I had a very heart-to-heart discussion, and it was kind of sad. When I expressed my disappointment, he took that pretty hard, and it was a conversation that I didn’t wanna have, but I had to because there were some things I thought he needed to hear.”

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Rosbach added that he and Lucas continued to remain in touch through the years.  “Every now and then we’ll get on the phone and tell some lies, as sailors do when they talk to each other,” he said.

Lucas returned for the Below Deck 100th episode celebration. He was asked if he’d consider returning to the series and he seemed open to the idea. He added, “I’m so proud of Captain Lee [Rosbach] and Kate [Chastain] and everyone else who has turned this show into this amazing hit that is now today, and it’s just really amazing,” he said. “It’s really exciting, and I’m proud of the whole crew.”