‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Says Don’t Ask for His Opinion If You Don’t Want the Truth

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is known for being a straight shooter, never mincing words when delivering his opinion.

So when chef Kevin Dobson seems stunned that Rosbach isn’t a fan, Rosbach had just one response. “Call it like I see it. If I’m impressed, I’ll tell you. I’m not the one to ask if you can’t handle the truth,” he tweeted, along with an upcoming clip where he tells Dobson exactly what he thinks.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Dobson actually asks Rosbach for his opinion on his meal presentation. While Rosbach doesn’t offer an unsolicited opinion, clearly Dobson does not love what the captain has to say.

Dobson hangs back after a preference sheet meeting

Dobson, chief stew Kate Chastin, and bosun Ashton Pienaar meet Robsbach in the crew mess for a preference sheet meeting. They learn the next group of charter guests will be a group of women on a girls’ trip, which Chastain seems to appreciate.

During the meeting, Rosbach informs Dobson the group would like a tasting menu and that he will have dinner with the guests on the second night. The meeting goes smoothly and Rosbach dismisses the group. While Chastain and Pienaar leave, Dobson decides to hang back.

After Pienaar and Chastain leave, Dobson jokes about ensuring that Rosbach gets a meal this time. He didn’t have enough food for the entire group during the last charter with Rosbach. So he didn’t give Rosbach an entree but didn’t try to substitute it with anything else. Thankfully, Rosbach takes the joke in stride.

Dobson asks for Rosbach’s opinion on food presentation

Rosbach tells Dobson that food presentation is going to be key for the upcoming group of guests. “Do you think the presentation was alright on that last meal or not really,” Dobson asks. Rosbach takes a beat and thinks about what he wants to say. “Not really,” Rosbach replies. Cue the awkward silence.

In his blog, Rosbach made these observations too. “[Dobson] keep purporting yourself as a culinary genius, but I’ve yet to see it. You didn’t even have enough food to feed all the guests on the night I attended dinner. Had they all attended much less me, what were you going to do? And why, because you ate it. Perhaps you need help with your provisions skills. And then you serve me the garnish. Less than impressive wouldn’t you think. You don’t have a budget, you can spend whatever you need to spend to make sure you have what you have to have, but just for whatever reason you don’t. You really need to step up to the plate and deliver.”

Rosbach added, “Right now I’m not impressed with the job you’re doing, as I have told you to your face.” He also commented about how Dobson can earn his respect. “If you want my respect, you have to get it the old fashioned way, you have to earn it. I do believe you have talent, I just haven’t seen it yet, and your attitude could use a little help as well. Arrogance and condescension doesn’t become you at all. I do hope things get better next week.”