‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Teases Trouble Brewing on Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck sees a rocky road on deck, especially now that lead deckhand Avery Russell had to leave early in the season.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

He is thrilled to have bosun Eddie Lucas back to lead the team. “Eddie, great to have you back pal. I know I put you in a bad position right from jump street, but kudos to you for jumping in and dealing with a difficult situation,” he shared in his blog. “Well done. Expecting great things from you this year. Sorry we had to lose someone on day one, but it happens, and we will do what we always do, deal with it and keep moving forward. Good job.”   

However, Rosbach is already seeing some rough patches on deck. While he offered remarks about the entire crew, he saved some of the most critical comments for deckhands Shane Coopersmith and James Hough.

Dude …

Rosbach had a classic response to witnessing Coopersmith’s morning yoga routine while the rest of the team toiled on deck.

“Shane, Duuuuuude,” Rosbach wrote in his remarks. “I can’t believe on day one you are sitting in the main salon watching the interior staff have a meeting instead of being outside where you should be helping your crewmates.” Coopersmith initially decided to hang out with the interior team when he first got on the boat.

“And if you want to go thru that routine of yours every day, I suggest you get up a bit earlier so you’re not causing more work for your mates as you are getting to be one with the world,” Rosbach said about Coopersmith’s morning yoga routine.

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Coopersmith also took time away from deckwork to replace the plastic straws in the bar on the boat. “Oh, and you pick that time to deal with the plastic straws,” Rosbach observed. “We never throw anything overboard, we recycle, and that was not the time nor the place to handle that specific task. Not when we are in over our heads, behind schedule and guest arrival in imminent. Might want to check your priorities dude. Time and place, that’s all I’m saying. Keep your head down, do your job and you will be fine. I do like your attitude, just need some priority management.”

Captain Lee worries James Hough will be all play and no work

Although he’s an experienced deckhand, Hough showed his playful side on more than one occasion during the first episode. Rosbach took note and expressed some concern Hough may be putting too much of an emphasis on having fun over work.

“James, James, James,” he began. “Really, I’m not sure where you think you are, but I fear that the attitude you’ve displayed so far, and by that I mean, you’re there to have fun, and maybe do a little work, will not bode well for you in the future.”

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“You may want to rethink that just a wee bit. But from what I’ve seen so far on this first episode you seem to be doing well so maybe that was your sense of humor coming out. I hope so, but you had a good first few days as well, so I still have high hopes for you and as it looks now, you guys are going to need it with Avery gone.”

Below Deck is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.