‘Below Deck:’ Chef Adam Glick’s Dog Tex Is Living His Best Life

Living life off leash isn’t all that common for most pups. But for Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Mediterranean, life off leash and on a surfboard for his dog Tex is just an average day.

Glick’s last year on the road has been nothing short of spectacular. The superyacht chef has motored throughout the country in his tricked out van with Tex by his side. He spent time doing press tours, hitting conferences and shooting his outdoor cooking series for Outside T.V.

Adam Glick |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tex has been by Glick’s side every step of the way. Whether Glick went on a mountain bike adventure or was riding waves, Tex has become a loyal companion. Tex has an interesting story because Glick didn’t raise him from a pup. How did their chance encounter meeting occur and what kind of adventures has Tex experienced?

Tex was a homeless dog

Almost a year ago, Glick was traveling through the state of Texas, when he met an abandoned dog. He shot a video, which is now posted under “Tex” on his Instagram account. The pup is trying to get into Glick’s van as Glick ponders if he should just let him in. “Um, is this is a sign,” he says.

After sizing each other up, Tex makes his way into Glick’s home on wheels and is crowned the new co-pilot. Tex appears to be a young dog and Glick observes that Tex’s tail had been cropped.

Once the guys decide to become a family, Tex is riding shotgun. Glick shot a video with the word, “update.” He pans over to the happy pup and with “captain” written over the shot.

Oh the places you’ll go

Most dogs spend their day sleeping or looking forward to a little play time during the day. Not Tex. He’s all in with the adventure and obediently never leaves Glick’s side.

Glick has included several adventure videos with Tex. He’s climbing stairs by a rushing waterfall. Or he skillfully joins Glick on a paddleboard. Tex behaves like a well-trained dog. As Glick glides toward the pup on a paddleboard, Tex wades into the water. Glick simply tells Tex to hop up and the dog does it immediately.

Tex also gets plenty of puppy playtime too. Wherever the duo travels, pups are there to meet and greet both Glick and Tex. Glick includes a slew of puppy playtime videos so Tex gets his fill of both human and canine love.

Tex is one lucky dog

From the streets to the front of Glick’s surfboard, it is obvious Tex is Glick’s best friend. Tex is constantly featured on Glick’s artfully shot Instagram. Plus, anyone can see the love Glick has for this dog.

Although Glick has been working while on the road, he posted a hint that he may be heading out on a new trip. “7,000 miles and 86 days later we’re jumping for joy in Southern California,” he wrote along with an image playing with Tex on a beach. “Enjoying every last moment, it’s about time I head out for a while.” He included an anchor emoji so maybe he could be hitting a new charter.

Glick received several comments on this post. But one fan was concerned about where Glick’s bestie would if Glick was at sea. “What will you do with Tex when you’re ⚓️? IM WORRIED,” the fan wrote. But like any good pet parent, Glick (of course) had it covered. “Momma Glick,” the chef wrote.

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