‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Rescues a Dog and Starts A New Career

Former Below Deck deckhand Emile Kotze recently shared that he is now a proud dog dad and embarked upon a new career.

Kotze recently shared to Facebook that he took a break from social media. He posted a photo from Instagram that showed he only spent about one minute on the app last week. Plus, he revealed he rescued an adorable dog named Dogmatix. Kotze also reflected on how far he’s come since appearing on the show.

Emile Kotze
Emile Kotze |Paul Drinkwater/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

He previously shared he went to rehab. But now he’s embarking upon a new career and looks forward to a sober and productive life. He has left yachting and is exploring public relations and sales.

He recharged his batteries

Kotze posted that he has returned to social media and plans to share more about upcoming adventures. “Back online what an adventure it’s been feeling very recharged 🙏 taking care of my mental health and took a break 🤗 stay off of social media for periods it is addictive,” he wrote. “Thank you life for allowing me to become a stronger better version of myself!”

He then reflected on how far he’s come too. “Three years ago after rehab I was delivering pizzas scared shi* and today I’m setting up international trade deals, organising with government and starting up TRN Global travel app. I have gone through abuse and acted out on my own bad (negative abusive behaviour) myself. Admitting my wrongs and working on myself to fix it and changing for the better falling forward,” he continued. “Small example is with my salary increasing value 5 times of what I had earned just 4months ago. I am blessed and with incredible support 🙏”

Kotze looks forward to life with his new pup. “With Dogmatix at my side 2020’s future is only looking brighter going to be an even better one bless to all aloha iā ‘oe x. Will be posting some content of our adventures.”

New pup, new career

In early December, Kotze shared a photo and post about his new rescue dog. “When she growled I knew she was the one 🤣 meet Dogmatix woof adopt don’t shop 🐶,” Kotze wrote.

He also recently embarked upon a new career. He’s working as a key account executive at Gale Lotheringen Freight Consultants, plus as a key account manager at UUKU WORX, both located in South Africa. Most recently, he also became the public relations officer at Exporters Club Western Cape.

Kotz isn’t taking anything for granted either. In September, he shared that he was in recovery. “My name is Emile, I’m an addict/alcoholic in recovery,” he publicly posted to his Facebook account. “In honor of Recovery Month: I have not picked up a mind or mood altering substance since 29 July 2016 Let’s share our hope, that those who suffer can recover. #WEDORECOVER #RecoveryRocks Copy and paste with your date to show it can be done.”

He also keeps himself in check by admitting when he is wrong. In November he created a video where he discussed a lost friendship due to his temper. “Facing qonsequences of one’s rong actions is not easy but really worth when you let it work it. Keep your focus on self 🙏💯,” he wrote along with the video.