‘Below Deck’: Did Jen Howell Witness a Ghost?

As one of the quirkier stews on Below Deck, Jen Howell‘s life beyond the show has trended toward the creative arts.

She’s shared her artwork and photography on Instagram, recently posting a gorgeous Florida sunrise photo called, “October sunrise.” She also shared a sketch and wrote that she’s getting back into drawing.

Jen Howell
Jen Howell |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

But during a recent photoshoot, Howell wondered if she and the camera were the only ones present. She shared a series of images that showed what seemed to be an orb that danced around the frame. Was a spirit trying to get into the shot too?

Notice anything out of the ordinary?

During an October photoshoot, Howell wondered if a spirit was in several frames. “Aside from the intro photo being out of sequence scroll right starting with the second photo and tell me if you notice anything out of the ordinary..” Indeed, a small speck of light is seen in various areas of what appears to be sunset shot by an old Florida tree.

Several people commented including chief stew, Kate Chastain. “So cool!” she wrote. Howell responded, “@kate_chastain Isn’t it?! You know how I’m totally into that sort of thing.” One person wondered if the light was actually due to the lens. “I see what your talking about but since the light is shining into your lens at an angle, it’s just lens flare.”

But Howell had this response to the question. “I thought the same thing at first but it changes shape and location in each photo and it’s done so in a pattern that is unreplicated each time. I did also play around with the contrast, brightness, etc when posting which took away from the full organic effect believe it or not. I’ll post a few of the raw photos in my story now so you can see what I’m talking about.” When Howell shared the raw images to her story, the light is clearly seen as almost traveling across the frame in each photo.

Is it an orb or dust?

All bright spots on photos are not orbs (or spirits). Dust particles can easily get into a shot and be mistaken for an orb. So how can you determine if you are in the presence of a spirit (or if it’s time to clean)? One way is to examine the spot’s color. Orbs usually have several shades and colors, whereas dust particles are one shade or color. Also, using a flash can enhance the presence of dust particles in a photo too.

Spirit orbs typically have an outer ring and white or translucent orbs are usually spirits who are trying to communicate with you. Green orbs represent healing energy and blue orbs are protective angels. A red or orange orb is a spirit that is protective over land or certain spaces.

Castle owner Veronique Geffroy uses a spirit box and an MK2 instrument for detecting waves in a room where spirit presence was detected by the medium at the castle of "Fougeret"  in Queaux.
Castle owner Veronique Geffroy uses a spirit box and an MK2 instrument for detecting waves in a room where spirit presence was detected by the medium at the castle of “Fougeret” in Queaux | GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images

Although orbs are wonderous, 99.9% of the time the spot ends up being a physical particle, according to Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. “There are microscopic things floating in the air all the time, we just can’t see them,” the group asserts. “Things like dead skin cells, animal dander, and textile particles are suspended in the air. When the flash from a camera catches these particles just right, the light reflects back out of focus and creates the ball of light that we see.” While the group doesn’t want to burst novice ghostbusters’ bubbles, they contend seeing orbs in images isn’t common.