‘Below Deck’ Fans Want Josiah Carter Back Next Season

Below Deck fans were surprised that second stew Josiah Carter wasn’t asked back for season 7. Carter was the first male stew on the show and ended up rapidly growing a fan base.

His quick, dry wit and fast friendship with chief stew Kate Chastain made him a favorite duo for fans. However, when fans asked if he’d be back this season, he shared he was not asked back but has no idea why. He also tweeted about wanting to possibly join the Below Deck Mediterranean crew too.

Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter
Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The Below Deck Med crew was into having Carter join them. Plus, Carter told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he has plenty of experience traveling through the Mediterranean. “I had so much fun doing all the aspects of the show,” he shared. “It was another country to check off my list with Tahiti. But when I saw the adverts for the Med, it’s interesting because I’ve done the Med loads of times.” He has made it pretty clear he’s open to returning to the show. Fans seem to want him back too. But if he did, which stew team do wants want him to join next season?

What about this stew team?

Influencers Two Bravo Sisters suggested a triple threat stew team for next season. The team would consist of Chastain, Carter and third stew, Courtney Skippon. Two Bravo Sisters wrote, “Who agrees that we need these three next season!? Imagine the amount of witty comments, judgey looks, facetious antics and just overall sarcastic attitude. It would be amazing!!!”

The post had a poll: Yes, make it happen or No, too much witticism. The poll was overwhelmingly in favor of the stew team. In fact, Carter reposted the image to his Instagram story too.

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When you realise the weekends not over yet

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While the trio would be fun, and Carter seems down to return to the show, he likely hasn’t spoken to Chastain in several months. When he talked to Showbiz Cheat Sheet he shared he hadn’t heard from his former friend in a while. “She doesn’t speak to me anymore,” he said in June. “I have no idea why. When we filmed the reunion, we were fine.”  He added, “Maybe she’s just busy,” he shared. “I thought Kate was really cool and fun. But I don’t know.” He adds, “But no one is too busy to reply, ‘I’m good how are you?’”

He’s getting into serious gymnastic shape too

For now, Carter is busy traveling, plus he recently demonstrated his gymnastic skills, which he shared on Twitter. Carter’s video shows him executing a complex aerobatic routine that ends with a few flips. Fans loved seeing his skills, plus they urged him to return to the show.

“Getting back into gymnastics!! Thanks for the inspiration @jvn,” he wrote along with the amazing video. “Please come back to below deck,I need you and kate again.was ine if the best seasons,” one person replied. But for the most part, fans marveled in Carter’s awesome gymnastic skills. “You couldn’t have worked any of these moves into your stint on the high seas?? I think @Kate_Chastain could have been quite creative in highlighting these acrobatics,” another fan joked.