‘Below Deck’: How Did Captain Lee’s React To The Moment He Seen Shirtless On The Show?

Even though Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is given the “stud of the sea” moniker, it doesn’t necessarily mean he loved the scene where he’s shown shirtless and angry.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The no-nonsense captain is seen in the season seven trailer, coming to a set of glass doors during what seems to be the middle of the night. He’s shirtless and appears to be pretty angry. He forcefully slams the doors together and it looks like he’s just laid down the law.

While the scene is only a quick moment, he doesn’t necessarily love seeing it. He offered his reaction with his tongue in cheek sense of humor. Plus he shared why he was angry.

Partying like ‘rockstars’

Although the season is only a few charters in, it is clear this crew parties as hard as any Below Deck crew from the past. The crew parties so hard, their hangovers seem to be far worse than seen in previous seasons. Even chief stew Kate Chastain, who has rarely been filmed seriously hungover, struggled after the crew’s first night out on the town. She has to lay on a couch in the fetal position while giving instructions to her stews.

Also, deckhand Abbi Murphy is so hungover, she can’t make it on deck the next morning. Rosbach said in one instance he knew the crew was getting too wild and had to put a stop to it. “I was just a wee bit unhappy,” he told Decider about the moment filmed with him shirtless. “It’s three o’clock in the morning and they’re slamming doors and hollering and partying like they’re rockstars. I got no time for it. I don’t get enough sleep as it is.”  

He must have been desperate for sleep as he probably rolled out of bed and went straight to admonishing the crew. When asked about the scene he joked about his appearance. “I live for those moments, said no one ever,” he dryly said.

This isn’t the first time Rosbach showed some skin

Rosbach has shown that even though he’s the captain, he’s also a team player. Last season, when the deck crew was mismanaged by bosun Chandler Brooks, Rosbach was filmed doing deck work to pick up the slack.

But it doesn’t stop with covering outdoor furniture. He also took one for the team during season five. The crew dressed up in luau costumes and Rosbach was their leader. As the charter guests are about to have dinner, Rosbach emerges from the yacht wearing only a floral skirt and fruit on his head. He carries a mop pole with a pineapple on top and is fully in character.

“Alright ya’ll need to get your butts in the seats,” he exclaimed as the guests went wild. In a confessional, he shares he is definitely outside of his comfort zone. “But I am contributing. If you are going to ask the crew to do it, then you should step up to the plate, and sacrifice some of your dignity. I mean just look at me. I’m wearing a skirt. I got a pineapple stuck on a mop head. I’m way out there.”