‘Below Deck’: How Did Kate Chastain Feel About Having to Talk to Captain Lee After the Crew’s Drunken Night Out?

Kate Chastain from Below Deck had to face Captain Lee Rosbach the day after an incident in the crew mess. The Valor crew spent the day and night drinking. Then some of the deck crew came for the chief stew.

She reacted by calmly sitting at the crew mess table. But then threw some of the men’s black uniforms onto the floor. Meanwhile, Rosbach sat by watching the entire incident play out. Rosbach said nothing at the time and walked away. He said in a confessional that although he doesn’t reason with drunks, he was going to talk to the crew the next day about their behavior.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Normally, that talk doesn’t include Chastain. Rosbach has shared that he relies on Chastain and she’s always on his “dream team” crew list too. But this time he has to talk to her and she shared how she felt being on the receiving end.

It was like talking to your parents after a late night out

Chastain appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and a viewer tweeted about the encounter. Host Andy Cohen shared the question during the After Show, asking how Chastain felt about talking to Rosbach the next day. “It’s like coming home on a late-night and your parents are waiting for you in the living room,” she recalls. “Yeah, I knew that conversation was coming.”

In the Below Deck After Show, Chastain shared with Rosbach it was unfortunate that he even had to witness the encounter. “So we’ve been drinking all day and so for our boss to be waiting down there, that’s why your room’s not down there,” she said.

Rosbach agreed that he didn’t intend to be in the area at the time either. Deckhand Rhylee Gerber also noted that Rosbach was in the crew mess as Chastain was tossing the uniforms on the ground. “As a captain, he’s not going to say anything, we’re all drinking, it’s in the heat of it, right?” she says. “So you either shut it down, or you walk away and address it later.”

This is how Rosbach felt

“There’s a time to deal with things, and a time to let things slide,” Rosbach says. “To me to initiate a huge confrontation at that point in time would have achieved no positive purpose.”

“My way of dealing with it is let the whole thing slide, extricate myself from the situation, because my presence was only going to make things worse,” he continues. “Because somebody was going to let their ego get in the way and try and impress me.” Chastain reminds Rosbach that bosun Ashton Pienaar did try to impress him.

Chef Kevin Dobson and Pienaar believe that Rosbach was too lenient on Chastain. But deckhand Tanner Sterback understands that Chastain and Rosbach are close and have worked together several years. Rosbach agrees. “Kate deserves preferential treatment because she’s earned it,” he says. They both observe that Chastain works extremely hard. But Gerber thinks Rosbach is “scared of Kate” and “scared to rock the boat with her.”