‘Below Deck’: Is Kate Chastain In Trouble With Captain Lee?

A number of Below Deck crew members have found their way onto Captain Lee Rosbach‘s naughty list. Thus far, chef Kevin Dobson and bosun Ashton Pienaar seem to be getting admonished pretty regularly in Rosbach’s blogs.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Rosbach also had stern words for former deckhand Abbi Murphy too. But there is one crew member who virtually never seems to be in trouble with Rosbach. Chief stew Kate Chastain has been Rosbach’s most trusted ally on the show. Rosbach has shared he trusts Chastain and she makes his job easier.

But in an upcoming clip, could Chastain be in trouble with Rosbach? The preview clip doesn’t directly show that Rosbach is angry with Chastain. But she seems upset and cries as Pienaar appears to be calling someone out for their bad behavior. That “someone” appears to be Chastain.

What went down in the crew mess?

Trouble may have been brewing in the van ride during a crew evening on the town. Cameras capture deckhand Brian de Saint Pern calling Chastain a “bitch” in the van. But later, in the crew mess, something goes awry.

Chastain sits at the kitchen table, as cameras capture someone (likely Chastain) throwing garments on the floor. Pienaar points at Chastain and says, “This is the crew mess shared by the whole crew and the captain.” Chastain cooly replies, “Yeah, great.”

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Rosbach says in a confessional he’s going to address the crew member (possibly Chastain) the next day. “Come tomorrow and we’re going to have a come to Jesus meeting where I say you sure were a dumbsh*t last night.” Then Chastain throws something else on the floor.

Later, Pienaar speaks to another crew member and expresses his anger. “What respect do you have for yourself and for your f**king captain,” he says.”Who the f**k do you think you are?” He says while pointing. Meanwhile, Chastain is in tears. She starts crying in the crew mess and continues to sob in her room. Rosbach too looks annoyed and frustrated as he sits in the crew mess.

This won’t be the first time Chastain was on Rosbach’s list

Most Below Deck fans have only seen Rosbach have Chastain’s back 100% of the time. However, there was one instance when he was annoyed with his favorite chief stew. During Chastain’s first Below Deck season, she clashed with charter guest Dean Slover. Slover dogged the chief stew during his time on the boat, telling her to smile. Since Chastain couldn’t really say anything to Slover, she passive-aggressively folded the blanket on his bed in a phallic shape.

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She was called out by Rosbach for the move, to which she claimed she was merely creating a rocketship. Rosbach seemed annoyed and so did the rest of the crew. Many crew members were angry because they thought the move was going to cost them their tip. Thankfully, for Chastain, Slover told the crew he thought the “rocketship” was funny. And their tip (and Chastain’s job) was safe. Slover later became one of Chastain’s favorite guests and he returned to the show.