‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Don’t Think Simone Mashile Is Cut out for Service

Chief stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck shares that stew Simone Mashile is great for crew morale, but doesn’t seem to be designed for a role in service.

“I appreciate her enthusiasm,” Chastain remarked during the Below Deck After Show. “However, she just doesn’t know the basics of anything that you need to know to be serving yacht guests.” She adds, “She wanted to do service, but every chance I gave her at service …” Captain Lee Rosbach adds, “Sucked.”

Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain
Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain | Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chastain recalls the lemon slices Mashile cut. “I ask her to cut lemons and limes, it was like an octagon,” she says. “And new shapes I’ve never seen before. I think she was like cutting them with a blindfold on.” But it went beyond cutting citrus. Mashile didn’t know how to open a bottle of wine or make iced coffee. She also seemed timid around the guests too.

Mashile wanted to learn

Mashile asserts she wanted to improve her service skills. “I mean, I don’t mind doing laundry or whatever that’s fine. But at the same time, I said I wanted to learn how to do service.”

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Stew Courtney Skippon has her own take on what was happening. “I think the problem was that I’m more comfortable in service and you’re more comfortable with laundry,” she says. “And you were put in second stew, where you needed to already know that.” Skippon says to Mashile. “Whereas if you had been third, you would have been learning service.”

Although Mashile agrees, she adds that Skippon was given the opportunity to learn on a previous boat. “Like, it’s your first boat and she’s teaching you on charters and stuff. So I don’t think it should be that huge of a train smash for someone else to give me the opportunity to do so, you know?” After Mashile confronted Chastain, she feels the encounter changed their relationship for the rest of the season.

Training someone is tough on charter

Chastain claims that Mashile has a very short attention span. “I don’t mind training her, but sometimes when it’s not appropriate to train somebody,” she says. “It’s not fair to the charter guests if I’m training Simone.”

“Yachts don’t come with training wheels,” Rosbach points out. Chastain also doesn’t think Mashile trusted her judgment. “It’s dinnertime, we have a very important dinner, so I need you where you’re good. Because I don’t have time to be like, ‘And now you need to do this.’ This is not preschool. It’s not what do you want to do. It’s ‘Simone, the only thing you’re really good at is laundry. So you’re going to do that. And Courtney, you’re really good at service, so you’re going to do that.”

She adds that the end result is to get paid. “And we call that work.” Mashile said she felt bad for Chastain the whole season for getting a “stew like her.” Mashile adds that’s why she started crying. “It’ wasn’t against her, it was me coming from a place of trying to understand.”