‘Below Deck:’ Kate Chastain Is Officially Feeling Winter and Asks for Help

It’s a bold brave world for former Floridian, Kate Chastain from Below Deck. The chief stew from Florida moved to New York City in the spring. She’s enjoyed all the trappings of living in the city, including the “cooler than Floria” temperatures … until now.

Amy Johnson, Kate Chastain
Amy Johnson, Kate Chastain |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Chastain knew what was coming but seemed to be a little flummoxed as to how to get through a winter in the city. She knows how to look calm and cool in the intense Thailand heat, but snow and subzero temps had her asking Twitter for some help.

The coldest temperatures this season just blasted New York and she wondered what she and her dog Halo would need to brave the season. Thankfully her call was answered by not only fans but new pal, third stew Courtney Skippon.

What do you need to survive?

Chastain tweeted for help on what clothing she and Halo would need to survive the winter. “Temperature has officially dropped in NY and I’m just really confused about what I’m supposed to wear to survive. Is a parka the same as a puffer? Does my dog need a jacket? So I need to get boots with tread?!?”

Skippon saw the post and offered her suggestions. “Canadian here,” she responded. “Parkas are water-resistant and puffers will smell like your dog’s jacket if it gets wet. No, Halo doesn’t need a jacket and shoes but yes, you should get him a jacket and shoes. Boots with tread give me hives.” Skippon followed her first post by adding, “I made THREE attempts at this comment and made a typo every time because I am hungover ok great bye.”

After Skippon commented, plenty of people had differing opinions about what is best for Halo. Most people agreed that Halo should get a coat and boots, although the definition of “need” varied between respondents. Also, many people remarked about the difference between a puffer and a parka. “1. Not all puffers are parkas! Parkas have fur hoods and go to almost your knees. 2. Yes, Halo needs a coat. Maybe even some boots to match. 3. Yes, but boots with tread. Or you’ll be on your butt before you know it,” one person wrote.

Living in the city has been a huge adventure

Chastain has been sharing what it’s like for her to live in the Big Apple. She bravely faced the subway, sharing video along the way. Chastain commented that the subway reminded her of the trams at Disney and let everyone know she made it to her destination safe and sound.

She has also used her brand of humor to make these special “New York” observations too. “I’ve lived in Manhattan for exactly 6 weeks now and still haven’t made out with Harry Dubin so clearly I need to step my game up,” she tweeted.

While Chastain is soaking in all the wonders of living in Manhattan she’s finding that city life is different than living in Florida. “I need an app where I can hire someone to come take out my trash. That’s it. That’s the tweet,” she recently tweeted.