‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Jokes About Dr. Birx Stealing Her Scarf Thunder

Kate Chastain from Below Deck has a bone to pick with Dr. Deborah Birx, the ambassador heading up the pandemic response for the United States.

Chastain and Birx both have an affinity for a strong statement scarf, but Chastain joked about how Birx stole her look on her recent Sirius XM show, Unapologetically, Kate Chastain. Below Deck Mediterranean showrunner Nadine Rajabi joined Chastain as they mused about how Birx and Chastain are basically scarf twinning.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In fact, Rajabi pointed out the new Instagram fan account dedicated to Birx’s scarf collection. “I found it this morning! A fan account about the scarfs.”

Chastain says it’s game on!

Chastain took a moment and decided to come clean with her thoughts. “I’m going to be completely honest because it’s just you and me,” she joked. “I’m a little annoyed with Dr. Birx stealing my scarf thunder.”

“I love wearing scarves and now it’s ‘Dr. Birx and her scarves!’ And people are sending me, ‘Oh look what she did today with her scarf.’ And I’m like I would have done a triple ascot!” Chastain says. “But I’m happy for her.”

Rajabi, who is now laughing says, “What people don’t know is that Kate, you have the best scarf game in the business, I would say.”

Chastain thinks a new scarf a day is good for the country

But Chastain replies, “People think it’s a choice. It’s more like, I don’t have to wear a bra if I wear a scarf. It’s really like a security blanket. Which, it might be for Dr. Birx! You don’t know! She’s very savvy. Because when she started coming on the screen, sure she’s wearing a scarf, she’s classy. But did she plan that? I’m going to have a different scarf look every day? It’s good for morale. It’s something to look forward to.”

Rajabi says she’s totally into it and wonders which scarf Birx will choose each day. “That’s actually one of the things I think about when I watch the news.”

Chastain suggests reaching out to Birx’s team. “Because I think she’s going to run out of ways to style the scarf. And I have suggestions. Let’s involve some limbs! Maybe your arm is not broken Dr. Birx but how about a decorative sling. That’s something you haven’t done yet.” Chastain adds that the “Boy Scout” look is a little overplayed. But then again, you have more trust in a Boy Scout, so she’s still engaged.

Both have a strong scarf game

The Instagram account Rajabi discovered is “Scarves of Dr. Deborah Birx” and is at 26,000 followers and counting. The page features various daily looks including special scarf comparisons and “favorite” sections.

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04.18.20 | Hermès “Retour a la Terre”

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Chastain also recently revealed where she buys some of her favorite signature scarves. A fan tweeted a question about where to find her scarf and Chastain responded.

“OK-I tried VERY hard to be self sufficient & searched for clues EVERYWHERE-I cannot find ONE comment or question about THIS FRIGGIN SCARF! I need it so much it hurts! Any clues appreciated-Feel free to PM a link if you prefer to keep your secrets safe XoXo Hermes? HELP I’M DYING,” the fan tweeted.

Chastain replied by sharing a link to her favorite retailer, Johnny Was, which made the fan extremely happy.