‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Shades Chef Kevin with a ‘Home Alone’ Inspired Tweet

Kate Chastain from Below Deck has hinted that her relationship with chef Kevin Dobson isn’t overly copacetic. The chief stew and chef already experienced a few tense moments during service. Plus Dobson announced during a crew meeting that he saw some gaps in service.

In several interviews, Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach have shared that Dobson and the interior don’t exactly get along. Both agreed that Dobson’s culinary skills were up to par, but personality clashes kept the chef and interior from meshing.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The first few episodes showed Dobson fighting a horrific stomach issue. He ended up spending more time on the toilet than in the kitchen as audio captured him moaning and in pain.

What’s ‘knocking on Kevin’s door?’

Chastain recently tweeted a meme from the film Home Alone that threw some shade in Dobson’s direction. She shared an image of actors Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern who play cartoonish criminals trying to break into little Kevin McCallister’s (Macaulay Culkin) home. Above the image of Pesci and Stern are the words, “Knock, knock, knocking on Kevin’s door.”

Along with tweeting the meme, Chastain wrote, “who’s there? “I.B.S.” While she didn’t call Dobson out by name, the reference to “Kevin” was more than enough. In addition to sharing on Twitter, Chastain also posted the meme and message to her Instagram story.

Early comments found the post to be pretty funny. “I love you. You make me smile and laugh with your what I call *Mash* humor,” one person wrote. Others added laughing emojis or gifs. Another person added, “Stress induced diarrhea. Poor guy, and in front of the viewers!”

Rough seas ahead

Chastain and Rosbach shared that rough seas are ahead for Dobson, especially with his relationship with Chastain. “He wasn’t performing up to his abilities,” Rosbach told Hollywood Life. “He was, and then he wasn’t.”

“I just never knew what to expect from him at any time,” Chastain added. “Personality, chef-wise, he was just full of surprises, and the only thing that wasn’t surprising was that he was nuts, but just like every other chef. It was just like a different flavor of crazy.” 

Rosbach went further in his blog with his insights about Dobson and Chastain’s working relationship. “I do sense a bit of tension between you and Kevin,” Rosbach wrote in his blog. “But it’s way too early to say that it will amount to anything at all at this point. 1 st day, new crew, I didn’t see anything at all to be overly concerned with.”

He continued, “Kevin, looks like your culinary skills are up to par. I do hope to see some creativity though when you start plating. I’ve got a hunch that you won’t disappoint at all. You keep a very clean and organized galley, I like that a lot.” Rosbach also addressed Dobson’s unfortunate stomach issue too. “I’m sorry that you were a bit under the weather but I think you are handling it properly, and glad to see you using proper sanitation procedures.”