‘Below Deck Med:’ Are Crew Hookups Common?

From Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland from Below Deck to Conrad Empson and Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean. Crew hookups and romances seem to happen all the time.

Nearly every charter season of the show features either a blossoming romance or a quick hookup. But are hookups and romances common among the crew who aren’t on the show?

C.J. Lebeau, Samantha Orme |Photo by Ali Goodwin/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The short answer is: not really. The Triton surveyed 131 yachties to determine if they found love on charter. Plus what is their view of hooking up with a crew member? Also, is there any hope for a yacht romance?

Many crew members haven’t dated a co-worker

While viewers see crew hookups almost every Below Deck season, close to 40% of the Triton’s respondents said they’ve never dated a crew member.

“You should keep in mind you are part of a team of working professionals in close quarters, the ups and downs, good and bad of your relationship will impact crew dynamics regardless, and that’s not fair to your crewmates,” a captain said.

But for those who dated a crew member, they said the best place to nurture that relationship was off charter. “Date night once a week,” one chief stew said about maintaining a relationship. “It was not always the same night but we make sure to fit in one night a week (only without guests on, obviously).”

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Others, who live in different locations after the charter ends, tend to lean on Skype quite a bit. While that may work for some couples, it didn’t seem to save João Franco and Brooke Laughton’s relationship.

So do crew members look down on dating a co-worker?

Crew members generally won’t take a huge stand on whether or not they disapprove of dating another crew member. Close to 50% of the survey respondents said “sometimes” it is OK to date another crew member.

“A yacht is a pretty closed community, and should be a pretty tightly knit one,” a yacht captain told The Triton. “If the relationship falls apart for any reason, it will disrupt the harmony on board, much like it would in any group household.”

Indeed fighting or even being too amorous can disrupt charter. Remember when Empson and Ferrier only had eyes for each other (and not the guests)? Their relationship pushed Captain Sandy Yawn to her breaking point where she was close to firing Ferrier for being so unfocused.

Do any crew couples make it in the long run?

Although a Below Deck crew couple has yet to make it long term, some crew romances actually work out. One captain married a coworker after charter in Hawaii, All At Sea reports.

Most of the long term romances are between the captain and a crew member. But, long distances often make staying married tough. “Invariably seven or eight out of 10 of these situations results in divorce,” says Ami Ira, owner of Crew Unlimited. “The woman is no longer onboard and she eventually resents the captain and the yacht. Then she is a single mom again. I have seen so many broken homes. A captain and stew get married and then it isn’t as great as it was as they are not together 24/7.”

But there is always the exception to the rule. Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck has been married for an amazing 42 years.  “For a relationship to last a long time you have to work at it,” Rosbach said during a previous episode of the show.  “I care more about making her happy than what I want for myself. If she’s got a smile on her face my day is complete.” He adds that he is a very fortunate man.