‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Now Knows Why the Deck Team Had Some Issues

Below Deck Mediterranean season four featured one of the more cohesive casts across the franchise. With the exception of playing “chef roulette,” the interior team and deck team seemed to enjoy a symbiotic working relationship and there was more love than fighting this season.

Joao Franco, Captain Sandy Yawn
Joao Franco, Captain Sandy Yawn | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, just because the teams appeared to get along, it doesn’t mean all was perfect with the crew. When it came to the deck team, deckhand Jack Stirrup seemed to push back against bosun João Franco‘s demands, making it a point to do as little as possible. Also, even though he was an experienced deckhand, Travis Michalzik sometimes seemed to just go through the motions, exhausted and sometimes annoyed about working on Sirocco.

Captain Sandy Yawn observed these behaviors and says now she has some insight into why the two deckhands butted heads with Franco. And it has everything to do with what happened off charter.

Alcohol can be problematic

Yawn and chief stew Hannah Ferrier discussed Franco’s drunk alter-ego, Jezebob in a Below Deck Med After Show clip. Yawn commented that she did not think Franco would allow himself to get into the drunken transformative state after the backlash he received last year.

“I think when [Franco] watched himself on television, he decided he never wanted to be that person again,” Yawn said. “And I believe in him. I think he has a great career in front of him if he keeps a few things in check.”

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Ferrier adds that when alcohol is involved, bad decisions are usually made. Yawn says she was shocked when she saw the footage from this season and the comments Franco made while drinking at a bar. While she adds no one is perfect, it also is not his business to comment on how people conduct themselves on their day off too. Cameras catch Franco saying that stew Aesha Scott’s behavior was “whorish” and “disgusting” when she was dancing. “What made him the ‘dean’ of behavior,” Yawn adds.

‘This explains everything’

Yawn said the footage explained some of the behavior on deck. “As I was watching it, I was like, ‘Oh my God that explains everything,'” she says. “Why Travis had a chip on his shoulder. Why Jack was so insubordinate.” But then Yawn laughs, “Well, I think Jack just doesn’t wanna work.”

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“But if it were my superior and I was out drinking, and they acted like that, I don’t think I’d have any respect for my superior,” Yawn concludes. “How could I when they act like that?”

While Yawn knows Franco wants to do a good job deep down, he still has a lot to learn. “But I think his ego is like, ‘Boom!’ Why is that?” she wonders. Although Yawn thinks Franco needs to work on that aspect, she’d still hire him again to be her bosun. “He’s a hard worker, he’s committed,” she says. “He resets. He has a soul and passion for this job.” Plus she adds he’s kind and not mean. Yawn also points out that Franco is gracious and grateful, but just needs to work on a few things.