‘Below Deck Med’: Chef Kiko Says Captain Sandy Put Doubt In His Mind

Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran from Below Deck Mediterranean admits he lost his confidence, which ultimately impacted his performance on the boat.

Hindrigo 'Kiko' Lorran from 'Below Deck Med'
Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Lorran, who quickly became a fan favorite this season, hummed along nailing a six-course dinner for not only the boat’s guests but their impromptu guests. However, he stumbled when he suddenly was presented with a vegan guest the following charter. He is seen working hard in the galley kitchen but becoming frustrated with both the quality of the produce and timing.

Captain Sandy Yawn is often seen in the kitchen asking him questions about his dishes. She often seemed to appreciate the taste of Lorran’s food but became increasingly concerned that the sunny chef was over his head. Ultimately, Lorran left the boat. He told Anastasia Surmava during her Spill the Rosé Instagram Live that while he has nothing but love for Yawn, he felt as though her words made him doubt himself.

Chef Kiko says one moment f**ked up his mind

He was feeling confident until after the vegan charter guests left. “She came to the galley when the vegans left,” Lorran recalled. “And she was like, ‘Kiko, we need to talk. We’re coming from here and we’re going there.’ So I thought she would come to speak about a solution or like put me up.”

“And actually when I came to the flybridge, all the cameras were already there, and she was there,” he continued. “And she was like, ‘You don’t know [how to] plate. You don’t know how to do this. I came from a small boat and you’re here.'”

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“That’s not nice,” he insisted. “And I was already freaking out with the cameras. Am I good enough? So that was the reason that I was already f**ked up. That moment, that exact moment, f**ked my mind.”

He added that Yawn was supportive otherwise. “Besides that, she was very positive,” he said. “Like ‘Try Kiko, you are good, you can do it.’ I don’t know, maybe I would succeed on the whole season. But that’s my opinion. I don’t have anything against her.” He added, “It’s just a job.”

Chef Kiko doesn’t think he should have been fired

Lorran was dismissed under murky circumstances. After his Vegas-themed meal, Yawn questioned the dishes, clearly concerned about the meal. Lorran told Yawn he’d leave the boat, but she told him that they should just finish the charter. However, after a few times telling her he’d leave, she nodded her head.

“What can I say? I really messed up on that night,” Lorran said. “I don’t agree with her action and all like I think was totally wrong because I do get that. And that never happened in my life. Yeah. So I would never do it. But if I was the captain as well and I have that situation with their food, I would not fire myself.”

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“But I would at least be like, ‘Come on, you messed up with the vegan, and this is happening, what’s going on?'” Lorran added.